Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We all have dreams.

Brynlee’s little pre-school class had career week at school.  The activities included a dress up day where all the students got to come to school dressed as what they wanted to be when they grew up.  It was a big day for all involved.  The final numbers on career choices were: three doctors, a dentist, three policemen, a veterinarian and a train conductor.  And then there was my Brynlee.
I’d just like to make note that gone are the days of Brynlee wanting to be a school bus driver when she grows up.  She’s matured since then, crunched some numbers and came to the conclusion that she would prefer a more lucrative career.  A career that promises more benefit, more respect.
Brynlee’s new career goal:  AN ICE-CREAM TRUCK DRIVER!
I kid you not. 
When she first mentioned the idea, Spence and I eyed each other trying to control the need to double over in laughter.  Nobody wants to be a dream wreaker, and Spence and I are no exception. 
Brynlee dreamt about career day for days on end coming up with all sorts of embellishing ideas.  Okay mom, so when I’m an ice-cream truck driver for preschool I want to bring my shopping cart filled with ice-cream treats.  And I want to put my bike horn on the cart, that way the kids will know when the ice-cream trucks coming.  And mom, do you think I could wear my bright striped pants?  Those look like summer.  Hey mom, we should decorate the shopping cart so people notice it more.  Can we go buy the popsicles yet!  Please mom, let’s go to the store right now.  Let’s go mom.  Let’s go.
And then when career day finally rolled around, Brynlee was sick.  {In unison please: Ooooooohhhhhhhh.}  But Miss Lori invited her to dress up as her career choice when she was feeling well enough to come back to school.  So yesterday I set Brynlee to school dressed as an ice-cream truck driver.  And she didn’t even care that she was the only one dressed up.  I think she was too excited to notice. 
The Association of Ice-Cream Truck Drivers should be proud; there future is in very good hands. 
*Sorry about the blurred pictures, but the excitement caused constant movement.


Jessica said...

Seriously so cute! Can she bring the ice cream truck to my house!

trulymegs said...

Too funny! I love it

Jami said...

Will you drive over here so we can get some ice cream, Brynee???

Brooke wants to be an ice cream truck driver now, too!! She loves Brynlee's example!

Jamie Walker said...

I'm totally jealous. Think of the never ending supply of ice cream she'll have!

Kristen said...

She is so original! Love it!

Jaime said...

Ha! That is so cute--the idea and the whole get-up. :) good job mom.

Rachel said...

Hey thats what I want to be when I grow up too!!!!

kara lynn said...

cuuute cute! i love this!

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