Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh My Quotable Wednesday: Dad

Me as a bride begging my empty pocket'ed dad for money.

A few things about Oh my Quotable Wednesday.

First off, Quotable Wednesday is changing to Quotable Friday. Why? Because my quotable juices just seem to flow so much better on a Friday. Thanks for asking.

Errr. . . umm. . . it's really just because I'm enjoying Oh my Quotable Wednesday and it's something I want to keep up. And Friday's just an all around more convenient day.

Second thing, I had a request/suggestion to post Quotable Wednesday on Tuesday night so it could be read on Wednesday rather than posting it late Wednesday night so it's there to be read on Thursday. Something about confusing the reader about what day it was.

A few things about that.
  • Thing one. We'll all be. That makes a whole lot more sense.
  • Thing two. My heck. Buy a calendar. Geez.
  • Thing three. Kidding.
  • Thing four. Quotable Wednesday which is now Quotable Friday will be posted, if posted at all, on Thursday evening or Friday morning and not late, late Friday night. So help me.
  • Thing five. I would hate to be the cause of somebody sending their every-other-day kindergartener to school on the wrong day because 'Kim said it was a Wednesday.'  
  • Thing six. Completely unrelated. Spence is fixing Brynlee a bowl of cereal. He just asked if she preferred milk or mountain dew on top her cereal. My husband's such a comedian.
  • Thing seven. She chose mountain dew.
  • Thing eight. Kidding again.
  • Thing nine. Now this list is getting a little out of hand, isn't it?
Remember how I told you that there was actually a purpose behind Oh my Quotable Wednesday Friday?

It is this: I was scanning a little coffee table quote book at the library one afternoon when it hit me. Wouldn't it be fun to make my very own coffee table book with my very own favorite quotes with my very own pictures of the people I love the absolute most? Wouldn't it be fun if every week I thought of a quote that somehow portrayed one of my very own pictures? Wouldn't it be fun if I did it every week for an entire year and then at the end of the year had it printed into my very own hardbound coffee table book to be displayed on my very own coffee table? Wouldn't that be fun?

And thus, right there on the second floor of the library among shelves of self-help books and two restless kiddos, Oh my Quotable Wednesday was born. May she live a long and quotable life.

Thanks for being part of my very first coffee table book.

Happy February. Happy Groundhogs Day. Happy Quotable Wednesday, my friends. Make it a good one, alrighty.


Anonymous said...

Loving this idea, Kim. I want my very own coffee book. Wish I were creative.


Miranda said...

My goodness you were a beautiful bride. Seriously stunning.

Jenni said...

Get the whole blog printed into a coffee table book, you will love it!

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