Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We partied like it was 1999

Except for not really because it’s 2008, and did I mention that my hubby turned 30. So instead of a party we watched the 5:00 news, had an early dinner, then I gave him two Ibuprofen and some Metamucil and he was in bed before 8:00pm. Oh…I’m just kidding. His lower back and knees weren’t throbbing that bad so I just gave him one Ibuprofen. I know that 30 really isn’t that old and to the graying population out there he is still just a kid, but I’m not 70 and he is older than me so I have to heckle him a little. But in an attempt to keep him young, the kids and I threw him a birthday party equipped with balloons, streamers and party hats. Here’s Jace before the party.
Here’s Jace during the party.
And here is Jace after the party.
Obviously we know how to PAR-TAY!! And look, we made Spence a Spongebob Squarepants cake.
Don’t be too critical of the cake. I think it turned out pretty good seeing that my two-year-old sous-chef miscalculated the amount of cake we needed and accidentally disposed of the bottom right portion of the cake using her hand and mouth as tools. After some major reconstructive surgery the cake somewhat resembled Spongebob. So that was good news. In other good news the Dow was down 777 points on Spencer's brithday so I went ahead and bought him the stock market for his birthday. Thanks to the volatile market and the unapproved financial bailout it only set me back $182.76.
We love you Spencer! Happy 30th Birthday.


Woolf Family said...

when did you guys paint you cabinets I think they look so much better do do like them?

sarah louise said...

Mario Kart! You are lucky!

Jenni said...

Jace- what a little party animal!
Isn't it wonderful how they can sleep through anything but the night!

Lacy said...

lol...I love reading your blog. Jace is a party animal huh? cute little teeny tiny bundle of boy. Happy 3 - 0 spence.

Kimberlee said...

We have had them painted for a few months now, but are just barely getting around to finishing the rest of the kitchen and getting the remaining cabinet doors put back on. I know...we are overachievers. I will post pics in the next week or two when we are completely done!

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