Saturday, October 25, 2008

Picking Favorites

Brynlee and I made Rice Krispie Treats this morning. Here is our conversation from this afternoon.

Brynlee: “Mama, can I have another of those treats?”
Me (hesitating to tease her a bit): “Uh, I don’t know baby. Let’s see. How bad do you want one?”
Brynlee (immediately following my question): An eight, nine, twelve bad!
Me: An eight, nine, twelve bad, that’s a lot. How much do you love Mama?
Brynlee (after a two or three second pause): Probobleeee, um, a two. (Nodding as if she had definitely calculated right)

That gooey mess of heaven wins every time! (sign) But when I gave her the Rice Krispie Treat she said, “I huv you”. Bet she didn’t tell Mr. Rice Krispie Treat that.


Janita said...

Aaah, sweet!

Lacy said...

:) she's very clever. How cute that she gave her likeing the treat a rating. Too funny. You must make really good rice krispie treats, that's the only reason he won on the scale. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it Kim. You never hesitate to make me crack up in the office. I got your announcement card about Jace. HE IS SO CUTE!!! I love it and thanks for thinking to send me one!

The Jones Family said...

i have to make mutilpe comments to make up for having to go back so far to catch up on your cute blogging...since you may not go back and look at comments...
#1-way cute idea, are you sure it only cost $20.oo I want to see the receipt!
#2- I love jace room, we are still working on getting trevor's done. just need time and moola. I covet Kali's machine. I could do some things around my house if I had one. I'm very impressed!
#3that is the funniest story about man in store, i could just picture it and the look on your faces...I love the things kids say, no to mention when they are your own...
I'm sure i would have more to comment, but we'll leave it with those three. :)
love ya ains

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