Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And I deliver

As promised here are the pictures from our trip. But before I post pictures let me tell you this.

Brynlee, Jace and I had to run a few errands today. On our list of things to do was to pick up a snowsuit for Brynlee. Apparently her dad thinks that layering six pairs of pants topped with footie nighties is too big of a hassle for the 1.38 minutes she spends outside before getting too cold. We were standing in the check-out line waiting to purchase the snow pants behind a gentleman. Judging by the amount of cologne this guy was wearing he had some major after shopping plans. We are talking cologne to the level that it makes your eyes burn.

Brynlee (in an extremely loud and matter of fact voice):Somefin stinks!” I just give Brynlee a little smile and nod in agreement as to change the subject fast.
Brynlee (after pausing for a little, still plagued by the offensive smell): “Mama”
Me: “Yeah, sweetheart?”
Brynlee (wrinkling her nose and speaking in a mid-level shout): “Did you toot? Cause somefin hilly stinks.”

And with that, here are the pictures.

Brynlee, Marie and Kate at the zoo.
Brynlee taking in all the animals at the zoo.
Me, Marie, Brynlee and little Jace is in the stroller
Jace, Marie and Maddie
The girls love Jace. Especially little Brookie. She is always going a million miles per second but pauses long enough to give baby Jace loves. Maddie kept saying, "Jace is just so cute, I can't stand to look at him."
Dad, this picture is for you. Marie asked if I would post her riding the horse on my blog so daddy could see it.
Livvie loved the petting zoo at This is the Place. Brynlee, on the other hand, wasn't that impressed by the two cows, the goat, and three sheep. She kept saying she wanted to go to the real petting zoo not the baby petting zoo.
When we were all loaded into the minivan, Brynlee, Maddie and Marie were all in the back seat. Out of the middle of nowhere Brynlee says, "I love you guys." And it's true. She loves you guys. And so do I.


Jenni said...

What a fun weekend excursion for the girls and Jace. All that fun for only $20! It makes me wish even more that I was closer to my sisters.

Miles Family said...

I have two things to say. First thanks for telling us you were in Salt Lake cause we haven't seen the baby yet (mean!!!). Second Spencer, why haven't you continued the tradition its flatus not toot. J/K
Love you guys and the pictures are great. We will see you for the baby blessing.

Jen said...

Aaaahhh hhhaaa haaaa! Kids are so honest! I love it!

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