Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two days later and I'm still exhausted

This weekend was full of big fun for the B. Family. Well at least all us girls and Jace. Poor kid! He needs him a few boy cousins to counterbalance all the pink, pigtails, gossip and drama he is going to have to endure (just a subtle hint for my sisters).

My mom, sisters, me and the kids took a trip to Salt Lake City for a little weekend get-away. Except not really, ‘cause Salt Lake isn’t really that far away. So it was more like a staycation or a short drive awaycation. Whatever you call it, we had a great time. And aside from an occasional custody battle over very important things like a happy meal toy or a seat on the stroller, we had a fun-filled weekend loaded with all that Salt Lake City has to offer.

And when I say all it has to offer, I’m not joking. We went to Hogle Zoo, This is the Place Heritage Park, The Lion House Pantry, the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum, and the Living Aquarium. Did I mention that we did this all in one day? With six kids? We obviously live by the motto that less is NEVER more, especially when it comes to living big in SLC. And we also live by the belief that you should get the most bang for your buck. Cause we did it all for $20.00? Twenty. Dollars. People. I’m not making this up. It’s called the Salt Lake City Connect Pass and it totally rocks! If you are going to be visiting the Salt Lake area I suggest you go buy it right now. Seriously. This will wait until you get back. Go now.

And since no awaycation to Salt Lake is complete without a trip to Ikea we also found time to devote three hours stuck in the Ikea Maze of No Returning without Purchasing. And seeing how we saved so much money by buying the Connect Pass we made sure to find a little shopping time. We wanted to spend more time shopping but the nice lady that worked at Arby’s in the mall food court said she wasn’t going to watch our kids longer than two hours. Just kidding. She worked at Panda Express.

You might be wondering why we crammed so much stuff into the three days that we were in Salt Lake. Well, after the first night in the hotel we came up with an evil plan to wear the kids down to a level beyond exhaustion to help them sleep soundly the next night. The plan was in hopes of saving ourselves the humiliation of the Holiday Inn security escorting us and our six wild kids out of the hotel. The plan worked all too well, and by the end of the night kids were falling asleep everywhere. Including the food court at the mall.
  Speaking of sleeping kids, my sweet little girl is calling for me over the monitor. I planned on posting more pictures of the trip, but that is going to have to wait until another time. I know it’s going to be hard for ya’ll to sleep until I get them posted. And since your sleep is of the utmost importance to me I will try to post them soon.

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Ben and Jesse said...

How fun! Thanks for welcoming me to the bogging world! I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed "staulking" your blog. Your entries CRACK me up. You are so funny! The entire Branch family is wonderful! Also, Ben said, "Hello."

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