Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photo Album: 16 snapshots of Christmas

01.  christmas greetings from near and far.
02.  my husband cracks me up. always and forever.

03.  see what i mean. i love him.
04.  awaiting st. nick.

05.  gingerbread ornaments to adorn the toy room christmas tree. 
a tradition borrowed years ago from my big sis, jessica. a now favorite tradition of our very own.

06.  a winter wonderland on my eculypus topiary. a picture reminder to bring them inside next snowy season.
07.  darling christmas carolers at our front door.

08.  sprinkling food for santa's team.
09.  one of my favorites: the gingeralien.

10.  a new twenty-ten christmas ornament for my brynlee. it's mario.
11.  and a buddy dinosaur with a broken arm for my jace buddy.
12.  my love.

13.  christmas morning.
14.  brynlee on a tower of pink christmas loot.

15.  when daddy's home.
16.  a snowbaby crafted by brynlee.


sarah louise said...

I am stealing this idea for a blog post, just so you know.

Rachel said...

I love the snow baby, so dang funny. Love the pictures, looks like a great Christmas this year! Good idea, I am having a hard time sharing all our Christmas fun, how do you fit a months worth of partying into a couple of blog posts???

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