Monday, January 31, 2011

i am

photo taken by brynee
i am the lucky mommy of Brynlee and Jace
i am a wife, a sweetheart, a soul mate to my very best friend
i am a daughter to the most remarkable parents
i am a mormon
i am a teacher for a group of 16-18 year old girls
i am my family's self-proclaimed record keeper
i am the sole member of my kid's momarazzi
i am co-captain of team [insert last name]
i am a sister, an aunt, a granddaughter, a sister-in-law
i am a cook/chef/baker forever in training
i am a believer in Christ
i am employed as a housewife
i am very proud of my career choice
i am living my very own love story
i am an optimist
i am a recovering diet coke-aholic
i am a pretend interior decorator
i am a housecleaner, and a clothes washer, and a dish doer
i am a country girl at heart
i am an unemployed cosmetologist
i am a college graduate
i am a hobbyist blogger
i am an organizer
i am the bill payer, but not the money maker
i am an obsessive list maker
i am an extrovert, sometimes excessively; occasionally minimally
i am a friend
i am an over-analyzer
i am creative in my own right
i am a walking fashion faux pas
i am a queen of good intentions
i am a family girl true blue
i am a leader
i am a master of none
i am stubborn
i am a busy body
i am a conversationalist
i am me
i am kimberlee
i am proud


Beth said...

You forgot to say that you are an awesome VT companion. I am so very glad they did not change us. I'm glad you're my friend.

Kimberlee said...

Right Beth, but if I were to have said that it would have read: I am the visiting teaching companion of an awesome visitng teacher that keeps me on track and forgives me when I show up late and forget to prepare a lesson and doesn't even let it bother her that she has to call and remind her said vteaching partner to make the dang appointments.

Right back at you, my friend. And I too and very glad we didn't get changed.

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