Thursday, January 13, 2011

12 on the 12th [The January Chapter]

Okay, so this is how the story goes.

Back in January {January of 2010 mind you} my friend Miranda, of Narrating Life, joined in on this 12 on the 12th photo challenge. And I was all, "Oh my gosh, rad.  How fun! Count me in." And then it was February, and I didn't join in. But March, March was going to be my month. March came and went and alas no 12 on the 12th. But April, April would be my big start. And, well, then it was December, and you get the point.

And now here it is January, again. And I'm going to do it.

You should do it to. More info here.
And more 12 on the 12th links here.
  1. Cleaned out the guest bedroom closet. The hot rollers and I were reunited after years of collecting dust on the top shelf. I was missing them and I didn't even know it.
  2. Another sticker on the potty chart. That makes twelve successes.
  3. Stopped by Z-cakes for a quick play date for the kids and a slice of the epic cake for me. Who am I kidding? We stopped by solely for the cake. The play date was just an add-on.
  4. $150.00 dollars later. It's a goal of mine to {someday} spend less than $100.00 on a shopping trip to Costco's. I set lofty goals.
  5. A check-up. Oh my heck, you guys. I forgot to tell you that my obgyn saw me naked. Not like the usual kind of obgyn kind of naked. But naked, naked. Like he walks in and I was standing there naked. That kind of naked.
  6. Back to School day for Spencer, today marks the beginning of his journey to a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.
  7. Its Wednesday aka library day.
  8. One of my favorite parts of winter: our roasty, toasty fireplace. A real fireplace. One that needs kindling, old newsprints and a prayer to get started. The first winter we lived in the house I wouldn't use it. "To dirty", I reasoned. Glad I gave in.
  9. Blow drying little pony's hair after bathtime.
  10. Dang! It's increasing. Sold the stock too soon.
  11. Colorful artwork.
  12. Scripture study before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time to your blog. But your funny, and I need a little funny in my life. I already like you, I'll be back for sure.

Anonymous said...

What a nice look at your day. Glad you started :)

Miranda said...

You did it! Look at you! You didn't need my help at all. I'm so proud of you.

Miranda said...

Wait, wait, wait. I just read the naked part. I'm so sorry! And I can't stop laughing. And OH NO! I'm always afraid of that happening!

jenna said...

the ob story has me giggling quietly to myself. Oh, dear.

Katie said...

I hope the ob has a blog. If he does, I bet you made it!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness. I would have died if my doctor walked in on me! Hilarious and totally embarrassing. I'm so sorry!

I love these posts. Thanks for letting us look into a day of your life.

Kimberlee said...

Well crap, Katie. I didn't even think of the possibility of my ob having a blog. Although it must be said that I prefer a blog to youtube.

amy gretchen said...

seriously i think i need more of the ob story. what did he say. that is hilarious--i mean now that it's over.

my goal is to spend less than $100 at Costco as well. not sure it can be done.

so glad you are playing along this year.

Everyday Art said...

hah!!! so did I ever mention that my husband is thinking he'll be an ob? i'll warn him THOROUGHLY. :)
and yeah, you're awesome. I too wanted to do the 12 on the 12 then the year got to far along and it felt stupid to start adn I WAS going to do it this month, but alas.... someday. perhaps February will be my month. :)

Lacy said...

That was such a fun glimpse into your life. I loved the costco picture. Also I wanted a closer view of that hot roler pic :)

oh yeah! the naked!! Did he not knock? how rude! I'm sure he felt terrible though. Hopefully it was after the check up. It would have made it EXTRA awkward if it was before.

jenna said...

Less than 100 at Costco? That's just not realistic :)

Laurel said...

Your first picture is awesome and hilarious. I love it. And less than $100 at Costco? I don't know that anyone can do that.

Holly said...

Oh hot rollers, how has my life gone on without you?

(That was a funny photo-and high five on a clean closet!)

I think it's an automatic deduction of $100 the minute I step into Sam's Club (our version of Costo). How does that happen???

Your ob experience happened to me too--I don't know why that kind of walk in is worse & 100% more humiliating than the exam--but it totally is.

Love the way you documented your day and got lots of fun pics with your cute kidlets.

I'm glad i found your blog!!

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