Monday, January 24, 2011

kiMs-kaM© :: The one where Bryn does a front handspring.

You know what my blogs lacking?

Well aside from perfectly executed tutorials, professional self-taken pictures, fantastic giveaways, pizzazz, correct grammar, properly used commas and, you know {inhale. exhale} coherent thoughts.

Video. I think my blog need more video.

Actually, the need for video never crossed my mind. But then I had a thought while I was video recording* Spencer throwing the kids in the air. {This life of mine, it's fabulous indeed}. Wouldn't it be fun if I had my own cam? You know, like the type of cam that you see on TV. Where one of the hosts slash contestants slash late night TV correspondents goes around recording video with their very own camera. Resulting in an output that has poorer quality than the rest of the show and has Paige's Cam or Ross's Cam or Whoever's Cam in gray lettering down on the bottom of the screen?

Kelly, from Live with Regis and Kelly, has one. Kelly's Cam. And let's be honest, I'm juuusssst about as classy as Kelly {she says as she adjusts her sports bra and wipes toddler pudding hand prints off of her faded hooded sweater} {the same sweater she wore yesterday} {and quite possibly the same sweater she wore to a high school football game back in 1998}.

{Go Wildcats!}.

To be honest, I'm not 100% certain that Kelly actually has a cam since I haven't seen the show in years, but I do remember one episode where she did. Or at least I think I remember an episode where she did. Yeah, I'm about 67% certain she had a cam.

Please don't use anything on this blog as hard evidence.

So, without further ado, welcome to my very first installment of kiMs-kaM©: a segment** where I video record completely uneventful and everyday stuff that takes place in this unedited household of ours and then put the kiMs-kaM© logo on the bottom of the screen in pink lettering and post it here on this unedited blog, the one that's read by tens of tens of people every few days, and then act like it's semi-breaking news and something that my three readers {hey dad} would be remotely interested in viewing.

Doesn't it sound like a hoot!

Kelly would be so jealous.

Oh and by the way, see how I changed the "c" on cam to a "k" so it matched the Kim. Tricky, eh. Practically ingenious really. All this creativity of mine, it hard to keep bottled up. It's bizarre that I've yet to be discovered. I'm not sure who I've yet to be discovered by. But if the poor quality {and relatively boring material} of the kiMs-kaM© video isn't enough to guarantee I'm soon to be featured on a reality show on MTV, then the faded and pudding stained sweater certainly seals my fate.

See for yourself. The very first episode of kiMs-kaM©. The one where Bryn does a front handspring.

Oh but one more thing, this is actually my second attempt at episode one of kiMs-kaM©. My first attempt was to be titled the one where we play the 'mean doggy game'. I put it all together and was ready to publish it. I watched it one.last.time and then decided against it. My laugh, people. I swear it sounds worse in video. There is no way it sounds like that in real life. Please tell me it doesn't sound like that in real life. Please. 

Anyway, since I had already written the blog post and didn't want it to die a quick death with all other unpublished posts, and because I knew Spence was going to be so proud of the static I put on the video. . . without his help. . . I grabbed a second video that just happened to be saved to my desktop. This one is short and sweet. But no laugh, so I felt safe. And so should you.

*Does calling it video recording make me sound like I'm sixty plus years old? What are you supposed to call it? Camcorder-ing? Shooting video? Recording? Video camera-ing? Do tell.
**I use the word segment loosely. Meaning this might very well be a stand alone blog post in a nonexistent segment called kiMs-kaM©. Or maybe, I'll post one now and then six months from now I'll bring back the kiMs-kaM©. Or maybe I'll go all excessive and over the top {I've been known to do that} and start video recording all manner of needless and unwarranted activity with my kiMs-kaM©. But whatever the results, isn't kiMs-kaM© sort of fun to say. Kind of like tim tam. Or jib jab.

Wow! I'm tired.

And a bit loopy. I'm off to bed.


Katie said...

Super cute, Kim! Yay for your gymnast!

mammabug said...

You just bring a smile to my face. Thank you!

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

she is definitely Spencer's daughter. Looking forward to more kiMs-kaM@!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to love kiMs-kaM. But I love everything you do on your blog. I'm one of the tens of tens of people that read you every few days. Actually I come here daily so you should update more.

And you are right kiMs-kaM is fun to say.


Jami said...

SO I am not sure who the bigger dork is! You or me ;)!! But I gotta love KIMS KAM....

Stacey Crandall said...

Brin, Your awesome. Kim your awesome too! You brighten my days, make me laugh, and make me want to be a better mom! I think your the bomb, mom!

Lacy said...

Your rambling is oh so creative and you tie it in so well and I realize it's a like a perfectly outlined speech (minus the speaking). I like you! :) That was a really cool kims kam front hand spring thing by Brynlee! Forever ago I was going to record Jadelyn and I cooking and have spots on the blog. It didn't happen. I have now neglected my blog. hmmm

Kimberlee said...

Jami- Should we take a survey? Both our own votes don't count, and Jessica you only get one vote. Choose wisely. {chose jami}

Honestly though, I have a feeling a poll might come up sixes. Both of us are pretty big dorks. {but you're the bigger dork, just sayin'}

Jessica said...

Um . . . No Comment . . . We will leave this one up to Katie!

Anonymous said...

And the winner is...ALL OF YOU!


Rachel said...

I am so glad I am one of the tens of tens that read your blog. One day when you are discovered I am going to say, I was one of the first ones to realize what a talent you are! Love the idea, and love front hand spring, the girls got skills!

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