Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In 2010 . . .

Brynlee took gymnastics.
And won a coloring contest.
Jace moved to a big boy bed.
And learned the colors names.
Jaelynn became the sixth sister.
And Jake married our roommate.
Jace found a new love, dinosaurs.
Bryn learned to flip on the tramp.
And ride a bike with only 2 wheels.
We rode in a limo, Las Vegas style.
I survived my 10 year class reunion.
We took a trip to Lagoon with the gang.
And Thanksgiving Point at Christmas time.
Spencer and I became wildly addicted to Lost.
We built a snowman that measured nine feet high.
Brynlee graduated from pre-school with Miss Jenni.
Then started pre-school with the fabulous Miss Lori.
We made a potty chart and Jace started potty training.
We became one of those families and bought a minivan.
Brynlee cried through two sessions of swimming lessons.
We turned the big two, four, twenty-eight and thirty-two.
Jace learned to talk, which unveiled his adorable sense of humor.
We became a construction crew and remodeled our master bathroom.
Brynlee learned how to play The New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.
We {painstakingly} overcame Brynlee's battle of I'm-not-wearing-panties.
Yet, 9 month later, haven't overcome Jace's battle of I'm-not-going-to-nursery.
Jace, the trampoline and a pair of Spiderman snow boots managed to break an arm.
We dreamt of a third, celebrated the good news, then cried with the miscarriage blues!

Twenty-ten was a great year.
With a little taste of everything.
We laughed loud {need I mention, because that's how I laugh}!
We cried real tears. For real reasons.
We played, worked and then played some more.
We fought tough battles. And even won some of them.
We loved. We grew.
We lived.
And really, what more can you ask for.

Welcome 2011. I already like you.

At the park.
Celebrating Spence's birthday in style.

Discovering a caterpillar on a day trip to a neighboring town.
Jace and his broken arm at the Dino Museum in Thanksgiving Point.

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