Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Havinababy Itsaboy

Yup, you heard me right. IT'S A BOY!! I don’t know who’s in more shock, Spence or I. But one thing is for sure, I am completely exhausted seeing how it took all afternoon to convince my mom, dad and sisters that I am REALLY having a BOY (I still don’t think Jami believes me)! As I mentioned in this post, we have two kinds of babies in my family: girls and more girls. So it came as a complete surprise when the ultrasound tech announced the baby’s sex. There are a few things I am going to have to do before the arrival of our new BLUE bundle of joy:
  • Return all the pink bedding I bought at Ikea last weekend.
  • Stop in my mass production of cute little flower headbands.
  • Get to work making burp clothes, blankets and other necessities that are not predominantly pink.
  • Learn the fact that baby clothes come in more shades than pink and purple.
But for now, I am just going to sleep on the fact that we are going to have a little Spence in our presence in less than 20 weeks. I am open for advice from all of you boy mama’s out there. This boy thing is completely foreign to me.


Jenni said...

First off Kim, I love reading your blog. I am almost inspired to begin one myself, almost that is. I have been thinking about it for some time but that is as far as it has gotten. I also enjoy reading Jami's and Jessica's blog. When will Katie and Allen start one?!
A BOY!!! That is great. Boys are so much fun. I have found that Target has the cutest little boy clothing. But I think everything about Target is wonderful. What names have made it to the top of your list?
Also, this is Jenni, not Jeremy.

sarah louise said...

Yeah for you! I really thought it was going to be a boy.

My advice that I give to all parents who are having a boy, and I am serious about this: Start a little boy destruction fund savings account now. They will destroy things. It is just a fact. Prepare for it. Gavin has cost us roughly $1500 so far in his life time from destroying things.
Learn now all the Pokemon names, it will come in handy later.

Know that little boys love sticks. No matter where you go they will seek out sticks and bring them home. You will have sticks in your car, in their bed, everywhere.

They also at an early age will use those above mentioned sticks, and anything else (even their sisters dolls) as a weapon. They will shoot everything or try and sword fight everything in sight.

Your house will NEVER be clean again!

I really am excited for you. It is about time we had another boy in the family! They really are fun. They bring a whole new element to the table.

Stacey Crandall said...

Kim, This is your cousin Stacey! Hope you don't mind I am spying on your blog. I have one two if you want to check it out. bscrandallfamily.blogspot.com from there you can see Robyn, Drew, and Chad. Anyway, Congrats!!! I have to tell you if you can raise a girl.... then you can do a boy. We are the opposite if our fam. We all had boys, boys, boys.. We now have three girls. Melissa's Anna, My Megan and Drew's Lena. I think that girls a ten time harder than boys. I am happy for you. It's great to see what is going on with all of you. Stacey

Kimberlee said...

So fun to hear from you. You should start a blog. It makes for a fun way to keep in touch and I would love to see pics of your little guy.

We can't talk Kate into starting one, she insists that since she is not married and has no kids she would have nothing to talk about. I disagree, since she seems to have plenty to say in the text messages that she sends all day long! Alan comes home from the mission next month (YEAH) so I guess we will have to talk him into it.

I agree. Target comes in second to NONE! We don't have one here, but it is worth the trip to IF or Twin Falls.

Kimberlee said...

Let me just say, I LOVE YOU! Your the best big sis-in-law ever! Just so you know this isn't the last of the advice you are going to have to give me about baby boys. I'm sure I will be calling often.

Kimberlee said...

Glad you found my blog and left a comment! I was excited to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your address, I am going there next to check it (and the rest of the gangs) out.

sarah louise said...

Your friend is right about the baby boy peeing on you! I actually made some little diaper changing cloths that you put over their little thingy while you are changing them. If you don't then it goes right in the eye! I will make you some. Now you can sleep at night.

Miranda said...

Man I loved that commercial.
A million more congrats on the little Y chromosome. Send some of those ribbon headbands my way...:)

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