Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Trip to Stone

On Memorial Day Spencer, Brynlee and I traveled to Stone, Idaho for our annual Showell Family Party. We had a great time visiting with family and seeing aunts, uncles and cousins that we haven’t seen in a year or two. And since we are all about efficiency (and are seldom together at the same place) we also celebrated my Grandpa Jess’s 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot at the party.

Brynlee and Aunt Marie

The cousins and Aunt Marie
Me and my sisters

The entire gang minus my little brother
who will be home from Honduras in 13 days, but who's counting.
Brynlee wasn’t a happy traveler that day and bawled the entire drive to Stone because she wanted her “daddy” blanket not the Dora blanket that I packed for her in an obviously lapse of judgment.

Let me just add that it makes perfect sense that she calls this blanket her “daddy” blanket seeing how it is a pastel purple down comforter. She is single-handedly trying to do away with sexual stereotypes.

As she is screaming over my blanket choice in the back seat I turned to Spencer and reminded him that in a few short months we would be traveling with not one, but two screaming children.

This doesn’t just mean two kids screaming in the back seat as we are trapped in close quarters making your way down a curvy country road. This means twice as many bags to pack, twice as many diapers to change, twice as many messes to clean-up and twice the college education expenses. Not to mention twice the bribery it is going to take with Christmas gifts to ensure that Spence and I are placed in a quality retirement community.

Yet, somehow I am still overly excited about our new addition. I think it is because I need somebody to mow the lawn while Brynlee is doing the dishes. Oh, I’m just kidding.

The truth is that I adore being a mother. I especially adore being Brynlee’s mother because, well, she’s mine and that’s how it should be. And I also know that I will adore my new little guy just as much. There is just something about hearing a small child call you Mommy that just makes your heart melt.

I just have one small request before my new little guy gets here. Is there a chance that he can sleep through the night at two weeks and potty train himself? Because that would be golden and make this motherhood thing even more enjoyable than it already is.


sarah louise said...

Just wait until they say, "I hate you mommy!" Then the adoration isn't so much. (:
Or just wait until your 6 year old screams that phrase in the middle of a packed grocery store! Then you will really adore them!

Oh and that whole thing about girls are easier to potty train then little boys. Not true. They are both hard!

The good news is that when they get to be about 5 they don't have as much stuff to pack and the messes are somewhat smaller, or at least they can help clean them up!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! You crack me up.


Lacy said...

wow, does Katie look just like your mom or what? I don't think I ever saw any pictures of your mom in highschool or college years, but I can imagine they look strikingly similar to Kate. All 4 of you are very pretty you know.
Of course you did :)

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