Friday, May 23, 2008

The energy drink went straight to her head...

Back in the high school years, my little sister, Jami, and I shared a lot of the same friends. One weekend we were all headed to Twin Falls for a church dance. We stopped off at the gas station to get a chocolate fix and some energy drinks. Heavens knows that we needed those energy drinks to get through a night of wild dancing at the LDS teen dance. All of us with brains emptied our energy mix into a water bottle before we enjoyed it. The other one of us, my little sister, skipped the water bottle step and as if to get the effects of the energy boost quicker emptied the entire contents of the energy packet straight into her mouth. I will never forget the sight of Jami hanging her head out the side door of the moving car, foaming a quickly growing mix of Caffeine and Ginseng out both sides of her mouth and her nose.

And that right there is my little sister in a nutshell! For those of you that know her I need not say more, and for those of you that don’t, I’m sorry…you are truly missing out.

This last week Jami and her little girl Brooke came up for a few days. Although we didn’t get to enjoy any energy drinks, we still had a good time. You always have to be on your toes when Jami is around cause you never know what to expect. You will most defiantly get “mooned” at least once a visit and she will probably flip you the bird at least 5 times in a 3 minute period.

Jami and I found time to test out our barbecuing skills and made some BBQ chicken pizza on the grill. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome and I would suggest trying it for tonight’s dinner.
Brynlee had a great time with Hickie (that is what she calls Brookie) and has already asks about 525,000 times when she is coming back to our house.
Thanks for coming down Jami and Brooke! We love when you visit.


Jami said... sweet, it is alwasys fun to go to KIMMIES :)!!!! I love those pictures..will you send them to can send the ones with Brooke too ;)!! HAHA

Drew Israelsen Family said...

Thanks for checking out our blog I will have to add yours to our list to check. Cute kids!!

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