Monday, May 19, 2008

Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Gray

This last weekend my BFF, Breah, tied the knot. Spencer, Brynlee and I traveled to Rexburg for the wedding and then to Idaho Falls for the reception. Breah looked absolutely gorgeous and the wedding and reception turned out wonderful.
As Breah starts a new chapter in her life, I couldn’t help but take a look back at some of the old chapters that we have spent together.

Breah and I were often mistaken as twins. On our high school senior trip a group of guys asked if we were twins. Without thinking twice, we both answered that we were and that our names were Breah and Leah. I think the guys might have had a few to many Budweiser’s and probably would have mistaken Beyonce and me as twins, but that’s beside the point.

I will never forget all the times at Summer Volleyball Camps and Competitions with Breah’s dad as our couch. Breah and I might not have been the best volleyball players, but we sure did have fun.

Then there was the time that we almost died on our roomate trip to Washington. But it was worth it, because it sure makes for a funny story and even funnier pictures.

There’s our trip to Redfish Lake with Breah’s family, the times that we went dancing in Twin Falls, the many shopping trips that left blisters on my feet (I am sure there are more of those to come), the four hour long phone conversations, the times that we both went for the same FHS boys, the slumber parties at each others house in high school and all of the great memories that we made as college roommates.

Congratulations Eric and Breah, best wishes on your happily ever after!


Jami said...

Congrats Breah...I'm so happy for you...When is the baby due???? :)

The Jones Family said...

We finally got our announcement...thanks for liking friends, but I was unable to go tp the reception cause of work. I figured you would be going to the reception in I.F. I was hoping to see you are the reception that you DID NOT go to that I COULDN"T ATTEND:) Do you know where they are living? I did get a gift and would like to drop it off. Thanks for posting a picture of her so I could see how beautiful she was. I always love that part about weddings. ....ok I had to go back to see where you even said you were pregant. I'm am so excited for you. I figured we must be close to due dates. Isn't it funny the "bump" getts bigger faster...Not really?! ok so I have to much to say in this comment...
Boys: love them. The one thing that I was scaried for was the "cosmetic surgery" after he came. That was an interesting funny experience...which ended with Kobe "shooting" sideways at the doctor! It actually wasn't too bad. I was just extra careful with the little guy (that is Kobe :) What out for the unexpected tinkles...I have to laugh because a couple of times it would send me into a outloud girl scream. But I love my mommma's boy..That is he is for now. They give the best kisses and hugs. Best stop 10 mins ago. Love ya, Ains

Lacy said...

She looks lovely! So happy for her. Who is the 4th one in the picture. The one behind you. She kind of looks like Lindsey Childers. Fun memories.

Kimberlee said...

Lacy that is Lindsey. She is expecting her first little guy and is due about two weeks after me.

Kimberlee said...

You crack me up. I miss you. I will email you Breah's contact info so you can get in touch with her.

Congrats on little boy #2. I think we are due about the same time. You aren't joking about how the baby bump gets bigger faster the second go around. It's more like a baby MOUNTAIN! Love ya.

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