Monday, May 19, 2014

Stuff and stuff

I told Spencer yesterday that my Sunday goal was to get my blog updated. Never happened. So maybe today between loads of laundry and obsessive bathroom breaks…

We officially started the potty training game with Marlee today, sigh. The stats so far are right around 50/50. So not good. But not devastatingly terrible either. She’s sportin’ underwear though. And little butts in itty bitty underwear are my fav. So if you add that into the 50/50 equation, and also the fact that today is my regularly scheduled laundry day anyways, well then, we are erring slightly on the side of potty training successes. I’ll take it.

Anyway, the kids get out of school on Wednesday. Pause for a second. YOU GUYS!!! The kids get on of school on WEDNESDAY. I am so excited. Bring it on summer!

But with the end of school I’m feeling a mad rush to get all things in my world all cleaned up, tied together and in order before the cosmos explodes with sunshine and snow cones. Here’s my attempt to bringing said order and updates to the blog.

Soccer: The kids played there last game of the season on Saturday. Grandma & Grandpa made it to Jace’s early morning game, and Brooke and Zayne were there to cheer Brynlee on for her very last game. It was a good day. Jace turned all sorts of five-year-old soccer pro this season. Most games he was his team’s MVP - if I do say so myself. It was a far cry from his very first soccer season when he may have touched the ball all of six times the entire season (and that’s a generous estimate). Brynlee had a fun season as well; she had a great coach and got to play with a great group of girls. She finished the season strong, and had her best game to date on Saturday afternoon. It was so fun to see her get aggressive (clarification: aggressive is being used as a relative term) out on the field, and by the end of the game her little face beamed with pride. She knew she had ended with a good game.

My new toy: Spence got me a new camera for my birthday. The Canon Rebel. I. Love. It. Love, love, love it. I tell Spence nearly every time I pull it out that I haven’t been this obsessed with a material thing in, well, ever! Right now I’m just snapping pictures on the auto setting, without the slightest clue to what I’m actually doing. But when time allows for it I would love to learn a few photography related things. Maybe someday, I suppose. But until then I will carry on taking below average photos with a camera that is capable of so much more, all while offering absolutely no apology.

Baby Tyson Nolan: Kate had her baby. We are all absolutely in love. He’s tiny. He’s healthy. He’s adorable. And 77% of the time Marlee isn’t jealous and thinks he’s the cutest little thing there ever was.

Mother’s Day: I slept in, didn’t have to prepare a primary lesson, and the little people in my life made me the cutest love notes. And then we spent the afternoon flying kites and playing at the park. Success. And for the record: I think motherhood is kind of fun. Plus also: I love my mother!

China or bust: There is a hole in my backyard. A huge hole. Dug out by Brynlee and Jace in a moment of destruction and determination on their part, and weakness and lapse of judgment on my part. They said they were going to dig until they reached China or the gas station – whichever they happened on first. Bless them. I think since it is already all dug up we might bury some sort of time capsule for FHE tonight. And then I will time them and see if they can fill it in faster than they dug it up.

Preschool Gradate: Jace officially graduated from preschool. Nothing beats a preschool graduation. Amen. Miss Lori always does a little talent show sort of thing to wrap up the graduation, focusing on what the kids can do. Brynlee said, “I can whistle” when she was the preschool graduate. And at Jace’s preschool graduation last year he said, “I can score a soccer goal”. This year Jace chose a few different talents before ultimately deciding that he wanted to get a drink through a straw without opening his mouth. A talent that is limited to those that are missing all four front teeth. He rocked it. Ha.

Also, more preschool stuff: And Jace’s little speech preschool had an end of the year family party and barbeque. First off, I have to tell you that there aren’t a lot of things that in hind sight I can pat myself on the back and say with assurance that I made the absolute right decision. But as far as sending Jace to the speech preschool – Spence and I nailed it. It was meant to be. He loved his year at The Lincoln Center. He loved his teachers, he made some good friends, and honestly, I have nothing but good to say about the whole experience. Don’t judge me, but I secretly hope that Marlee qualifies for a little speech help too, so she can attend Lincoln Center. And I’m only sort of kidding. And watching Jace with his friends, completely in his zone, at the end of the year family barbeque was a sweet bonus for a sappy mom. I would be lying if I told you that it didn’t choke me up a time or two.

Bring it on, Kindergarten: I can’t believe that my boy starts Kindergarten next year. He’s so dang ready though. When Brynlee started Kindergarten I went through all sorts of emotions on her behalf: fear, nervousness, excitement, overwhelmed(ness). It was a first for her and a first for me. I didn’t feel prepared for the change. But with Jace, those emotions aren’t there. He’s ready. I know he’s ready. And he knows he’s ready. 

Anyway, it's bbq ribs for dinner tonight. And they are ready. Happy Monday.

…to be continued



Jami said...

I am pretty jealous of your new camera! Its almost SUMMER!! Yay, I am excited!

Jessica said...

I can't believe you get out tomorrow! I still have 2 1/2 weeks!!!

Jessica said...

Cute Pictures--looks like the new camera takes great pics!

Kimberlee said...

That sucks Jessica. Did you guys start that far after us? It didn't seem like we started 2 1/2 wks before you.

Jaelynn said...

Can Mar tell Chloe how to use the potty? Because she has no desire. But at the same time, I have no desire to start it if we are going to move anyway. Better yet, do you want to come and potty train her for me? Yuck. Potty rant over.

Anyway, you'll have to let me know some of the summer festivities you'll be doing, so we can all join in!

trulymegs said...

Ahhhh!! So glad you got a new camera and love it!

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