Friday, May 2, 2014


Brynlee brought home a few school writing assignments today.  There was one titled, My Baptism. I thought it was sweet.

(all spelling errors are the authors own).

My Batptism
by Brynlee

I’m going to write about the time I was baptised. I was very exsited, in fact I was so exsited I couldn’t even sleep. I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I got dressed in my baptisom dress. Then ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, comed my hair, and went to the church. Then I waited. People talked and talked.

Then we finey whent to get babtised. The water was warm. I felt happy. It was the best day ever! I loved it!

The end.


And then there was this one from her journal. (journal, not a diary. which means moms are allowed to look. …says me, that's who.)

My Baptison

I am going to write about my baptism. I woke up and feed my fish that I got for my birthday. Then I ate toast for breackfast. After I ate I got my clothes on, hair combed, teeth brushed, and hopped in the car. My dad and I came a hour early, to find a jump suit to wear. We had to wait and the floor was very coald. When everybody was there we sang a song. The song was Baptism. This was the secent time I had sang it. Then we said a prayer. After that a lot of people talked and than anether song and prayer. Then anether bunch of people bare there testamony. Then we did a song and prayer. By this time we sang a song and said a prayer. Then we went to get bapised. Then I did get baptized and confermed. It was fun. After that we came home and had lunch. While we ate my dad siad: did you like getting baptized 2 times. becese the frist time my feet came up. Yes, I said.

P.S. I forgot a cuple of things I wanted to say. The water was warm.


I am so proud of Brynlee. I love her so much, and I am so proud of her decision to be baptized.

And for the record … she had to get baptized twice, not because her feet came up, but because her daddy messed up on one of the words in the baptismal prayer. I can’t remember exactly, but I think he said for instead of of. Oops. But he made sure to reiterate to Brynlee how lucky she was because she got to get baptized twice – not all kids get to do that.

And also for the record, we need to work on the spelling of baptism. 


Jami said...

Thats really sweet! I am impressed that she has a journal! I think I am going to get one for Brooke! That would be fun for me to read!

Kimberlee said...

Don't be that impressed! Kali Jo got it for her for her far she has one entry. :)

But in 1st grade they kept a daily journal at school. It is so much fun to read. I wish they would have done it in second grade as well. I think it should be a writing requirement for every grade.

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