Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Photo Album: Preschool Graduate

Jace’s preschool graduation/program was just as we expected. A bit of adorable, mixed with some nerviness, and a tiny bit of goofy. I think all graduations should require the graduates to stand in a line and sing nursery songs, don’t you?

Jace's talent for the talent show: "I can drink through a straw without opening my mouth."

Jace and his best little buddy, Emmitt.

And here is a little video of Jace graduating. I love, love his awkward Miss Lori hug. It’s so typical of him. Miss Lori is the perfect little preschool teacher – always full of loves and hugs for everyone. And Jace, well, he’s timid.

I love you, my little preschool graduate. You make mom and dad so incredibly proud!


Jessica said...
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Jaelynn said...

I love how he walked up so nonchalantly. What a funny boy!

Jami said...

First off, I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR CAMERA! Second, Jace and the boy in the plaid shirt in the first picture look alike, I had to do a double take to figure out which one was Jace! Third, that little video clip brought a tear to my eye, I think it has something to do with that stupid graduation song, it makes me teary eyed no matter what!!! Fourth, JACE is so cute...I loved the hug!!! Such a funny boy!

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