Thursday, May 29, 2014

More stuff and stuff

F.Y.I: About this post: it’s dated. I wrote it last Wednesday, thought I posted it, but apparently never did. I’m a dork. Oh, and speaking of dork… I had two drafts of this (stuff and stuff) post. One with pictures…one without. I haven’t a clue how I managed that. Anyway, I guess I posted the one without pictures. But I’ve changed it now and updated it to include the pictures. So if you’re really, really bored - or if your my Mom - you can go back and look at the pictures.

Also noteworthy: Brynlee's entire 2nd grade class tie-dyed shirts at the first of the year and kept them at the school to wear for group activities. So whenever they go on a field trip or anything it's an entire sea of tie-dye. It's kinda fun, and it's much easier to keep track of them that way. Anyway, that's why she has the same shirt on in every photo.


Me and Him. It was Mommy and Me day at preschool (it’s my favorite, you know). Jace was such a gentleman; making sure I had a chair, getting me muffins, and showing me around his preschool. One of his little classmate’s mom couldn’t make it for the big day, so I adopted him for the morning as well. Jace had no problem sharing me and opted to sit next to Emmitt for story time instead of sitting on my lap like I had suggested. I tried not to let it hurt my feelings.

Caught a fish: Brynlee’s 2nd grade class took a field trip to the fishing pond for a morning of fishing. She told me before she left for school that she was pretty sure she was going to catch a fish. I said a quick prayer that she wouldn’t be so lucky (confession: dead fish scare me!). She came running home from school that afternoon with a fish in her backpack. Already cleaned and gutted, thankfully. It totally made her day. I grilled it up for dinner and everybody, except Jace, actually kind of liked it.

Potty Trained: I think my trainee is trained. Errr, something like that. I’m not sure what the final measure of potty training success is, or when you can declare potty training competition? Do you ever declare such a thing? I’m thinking probably not. But she’s in full time underwear now, and I’ve emptied my house of diapers. So, YEA! But that certainly doesn't mean we are without the occasional accident.

Field Trip: Spence took most of last Friday off work so I could be a volunteer for Brynlee’s school field trip to the zoo. It was so much fun to hang out with her for the day. I surprised her with a subway cookie + her very own bottle of root beer packed in her lunch. It made her smile. After the field trip her class got to take part in the sport-a-thon fundraiser at the school, so I stuck around for that as well.

Field Day: On the last day of school our elementary school had a field day. Brynlee got her entire faced painted to look like a panda (although, just sayin', I thought it was sorta zombie meets panda(ish). We made it a whole family affair and Jace and Marlee spent the morning at Bryn's school each eating no less than 10 billion otter pops while Spence and I opened otter pop after otter pop for elementary school kids. By the end of field day I was covered in sticky syrup. And I didn’t even care one tiny bit because, last day of school!

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Jessica said...

Definitely more zombie than panda! Cute tie dye!

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