Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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It was freezing cold at the soccer games on Saturday. Raining, windy, soaking wet kind of cold. We stopped at the gas station after Jace’s game and got doughnuts and hot chocolate to self-medicate our freezing bodies. It worked, because instant gratification. Although I don’t think any of us really warmed up for the rest of the day. So we spent the post soccer game portion of Saturday lounging around in sweats and blankets. I’m so ready for a steady stream of summer weather you guys. Then the kids asked for a movie and sleepover Saturday night. So we pulled mattresses and bedding into the family room for a ‘way past bedtime’ movie night. The family room sleepover ended a little after 3am when Brynlee woke up with a stomach bug (again!). She spent most of Sunday down and out and still isn’t quite herself. I’m just hoping it doesn’t cycle through the rest of the gang again.

Yesterday we celebrated my thirty second. I’m 32. Sheesh.

On Sunday at church the little junior primary sang me the ‘Happy Birthday Children Dear’ song. ‘If I had one wish then it would be a happy, happy birthday to you, from me.’  They sang the happy, happy part thirty two times – one for each year of my life. The primary teacher that sits behind me questioned me on my age because she couldn’t believe - get this - that I was only thirty-two! I tried not to take offense, until she said it like three or four times. “No way you’re only thirty-two!” I nervously laughed and asked her how old she thought I was, because forcryingoutloud! she was starting to give me a complex. To which she tried to explain herself: she’s thirty-one, a measly year younger than me. I’m married, with three kids. While she’s, well not! I certainly wasn’t going to say anything, but I was equally surprised to hear that she was only thirty-one!! So, ha. I'm only kidding with all the attitude, you guys. But seriously. 

So yes, I’m only 32! Which (only or not) is freakin’ old. And don't you dare tell me that I look older than that because I'm already trying to boast a bruised ego.

Marlee is obsessed with dresses. Any dress, really, as long as it’s a dress (pronounced: duhwess). It’s all she will wear, ever. Including to bed. I think it started with her recent obsession with Cinderella (pronounced: Cinderetta). Also, she loves to spin, and anything besides a duhwess just doesn’t allow for proper spinning.

I did some cleaning today with vinegar. (That daggum Boche dishwasher of mine. Still hate it.) Jace got home from preschool, took a big wiff, and asked if I was making myself a sandwich.  

Anyways, I gotta get busy. Brynlee’s almost home from school, Marlee just woke up from her nap and I got to go pick Jace up from a playdate. And the kids got me some pansies for my birthday that I need to “bury” as Jace called it. I hope they don’t freeze if I put them in the ground this soon. Fingers crossed.

We are planning a family movie to the cheap theater tonight – The Lego Movie. And mom is coming to visit for a day or two.



Jessica said...

Cute pictures! That little Marlee is adorable--in her dress!

Jami said...

YOU ARE ONLY 32??!! Sheesh, I would have suspected at least 38 er somthing! HA!! That Marlee, she is a crazy one!! Have you cracked open your bday present yet?!?

Jaelynn said...

Your hair looks cute! Did you do something different or have I just not seen you in a while?

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