Friday, April 25, 2014

this march

Jace lost his first tooth.
March 3rd.
Then he lost three more.
March 14, April 1, and April 20th.
At this rate he'll be completely toothless come Kindergarten.

A love note from Miss Lori.
I can't believe that Jace's preschool career is nearly done.

Jace had to make a Dr. Seuss inspired poster for preschool.
This is what we came up with because we tend to be extremely creative and artistic. 
Except for not.
Brynlee decided to join in on the fun and made herself a killer Junie B poster.

Stairs in every color.

More Dr. Seuss goodness.

The kids decided to make their very own garden with a cinderblock paver border.
Turns out the creation of a very own garden with a cinderblock paver border takes teamwork.

Any number that can be created with two chocolate doughnuts in indeed great.
Being old enough to get baptized is kind of a big deal too.

At the library.

Lacy got to come to my town for her daughters dance competition.
This time her trip was short and we only got to visit for a few minutes at the competition, but it was still fun to see her for a bit.

Brynlee's birthday party / a little spring break get-a-way.
Downata Hot Springs.

Getting her ears pierced.

And then we finished up the month with a little trip to visit Breah and crew.
And Mandy, Zayley & Ceder joined us for a few hours too.

And that was March in a handful of pictures.


Jami said...

It still surprises me how many teeth Jace has lost! Its crazy! Looks like Brynlees party was a fun time! Cute kids!

sarah louise said...

Where are those stairs? I think we need to do family pictures on those. Seriously I am in love with them!

Jaelynn said...

I can't wait to see Jace without his teeth! He's getting so big!

Kimberlee said...

Aren't those stairs awesome Sarah. Funny that I thought the same thing when I saw them. They are in a little home decor/re-purposed furniture store hear in town. I complemented the owner on the stairs while I took Marlee's pics and she said she was more than willing to offer them for any pictures, anytime. Let's do a family picture there, it would be fun.

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