Sunday, April 6, 2014

this feburary

Just as I expected the stomach bug continues to make its round, taking us down one at a time. Right now it’s Spence’s turn. It came on quick and knocked him flat. Jace started crying when Spence started throwing up because he didn't want him to get sick. That boy makes me smile. He has the biggest heart. His latest is that he says, "whatever you say boss" or "aye, aye captain" whenever I ask him to do anything.  He's Spence's little mini-me, following him around everywhere and trying to do everything just like dad does. Those two are inseparable; I hope it always stays that way.

Tomorrow Brynlee gets to go to Achievement Days (is it called activity days now?) for her first time ever. She is so excited. I can’t believe she’s eight. Holy Moly. She got her ears pierced for her birthday. Grandma Showell took all of us girls to get our ears pierced for our 8th birthday. It was a much anticipated and prized birthday present. So when Brynlee started asking to get her ears pierced I told her that she had to wait for her 8th birthday, just like I had to. Of course, come birthday time, that was the first thing on her birthday wish list. She doesn't do pain real well so I made double extra sure she wanted to go through with it. She insisted. The first few day were kinda rough for her – we were visiting with friends out of town and I don’t think that helped. But now she really likes them and is glad she did it.

Marlee wants to be outdoors at all times. The trampoline is her favorite. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I don’t have to bundle her six billion times a day and drag her in when I fear that her extremities might be suffering from mild frost bite.  When Brynlee and Jace were about Marlee’s age they both turned into major daddies kids. I sorta became dead to them and daddy could do no wrong. But Marlee? Not so much. She is a mommy’s girl through and through. Sometimes I joke that I wish she would hit that stage because mom just needs a five minute break. But really I love it. She’s my sidekick. I love her so much. 

Anyway, a few pictures from February, just ‘cause I never posted any.
Big room, little girl.

Big sisters are the best.

Jace and the snow covered golf course.

Rosy cheeks.


Building Turtle Mania castles.

She fits in a bowl. Also, we don't comb her hair.

A valentines day box in process.
Brynlee was determined to make her valentines box all by herself this year. I helped her prime a box and google an idea (its pinterest for the lame) and then she ran with it. She was so proud of her end product, mainly because it was entirely her product. 

Building snow stuff.

He was a little top heavy and didn't stand for long, but it was fun while it lasted.

Jace has been writing his entire name lately. Middle name included.

The cutest mailman ever.
#careerdayatpreschool, #jacesidea, #weloveourmailman

And here's her Valentine's Box all done. She did such a good job.


Jaelynn said...

I'm pretty sure Brynlee has more creativity in her tiniest toe than I do in my whole body. That girl is impressive!

Jami said...

I am glad you see you blogging frequently again! I love Jace the "mailman" and Brynlees V-day box!

Kimberlee said...

I am glad I am too, Jami. :)

Jessica said...

Awesome box Brynn and that little Jace is such a cute buddy always thinking of everybody else!

trulymegs said...

Looks like a great February, minus the sickness. I particularity like the mail man photos. (My dad delivered mail when he first got into the government.)

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