Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scenes from Easter

**it's baby chick days at cal ranch**
**read: farm life for city folk**

 **the easter egg hunt**

 **my boys, hunting**

**and here we have a little easter egg hunt excitement**

 **my little easter peep**

 **and then jace opened his eggs and divvied up his candy equally**
**one for dad, one for mom, one for brynlee, one for me**
**one for dad, one for mom, one for brynlee, one for me**
**because that is how my sweet boy rolls**

 **eggs in color**

 **what we looked like easter weekend, 2013**
**with jace's eyes wide shut**

 **okay everybody, put your hands by your mouth. good. now act unamused. perfect. now force a little half smile. okay, that will do. click-click**

 **easter naps**
**p.s. will somebody grab poor jake a pillow. he looks miserably uncomfortable.**

 **ahhhhhh spring**

 **on the hunt for "grandma bunny" baskets**

 **found it!**

 **for baby maycie, from grandma**

 **twofer one**

 **a sunny day tip from marbug: in a pinch your pants can double as a sun bonnet**

 **surprise! look who showed up at our house**
**and then the boys ran and hid**
**also of importance: we still aren't 100% on who's in the bunny ears, it was an unexpected surprise for all of us**

 **a snapshot with the easter bunny**
**minus the boys. because they are still in hiding**

 **hardboiled egg races**

 **easter morning**

**and i hope you had a very happy easter too**


Jessica said...

I would have ran to! Giant bunnies totally creep me out!

sarah louise said...

Wow your Easter looks fun! Our Easter consisted of me crying because my kids are too big for Easter egg hunts, and convincing my teenager to get out of bed to see what the Easter Bunny brought him. He would rather sleep. Miss those little kid days! And I am with Jessica, Giant bunnies totally creep me out too!

Kimberlee said...

Me too. And a giant bunny?!?'s just not very believable.

trulymegs said...

Looks like an awesome Easter!

Jaelynn said...

I love the hand by the mouth photo. They're just begging you to snap a few more pics!

Jami said...

I like the family "Easter" picture, you look hot!!! Now don't let that go to your head :)!

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