Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunchasers + April 1st

The sun came out.
And this is how I found my kiddos.
Like two little lizards soaking up its rays.
Oh and happy April 1st you guys.
My mom didn’t even call with an April Fools joke this year.
Which is not one bit like her.
{Did you forget, Mom?}
It’s the first time she hasn’t called with an awesome joke since Spence and I called her eleven years ago to tell her we were engaged.
She was so very excited for us and immediately started wedding planning.
Almost made us feel like we should just go ahead and get married so we didn’t have to call her back and tell her it was all a big fat April Fool’s joke.
Little pranksters. 
And then there was that one April 1st - years later, after Spence and I really did get married and when I was pregnant with Jace – when Mom called Kate and told her that I had just had my ultrasound and found out I was having twins. And the story goes {and Katie denies} that Kate responded with, “I knew she was having twins! She’s waaaaayyyyy too big to only be having one.”
Jokes on me, I guess.
Happy April you guys.


ashley. said...

so funny. love it.

kylee said...

those kids of yours know what's up. i wish i had a tramp, not for jumping, just for sun soaking.

Jaime said...

Ha! That post cracked me up. :) I added unflavored gelatin to everyone's juice to solidify it. cracked myself up. :)

Branden Severe said...

Funny stuff!!!

JHNickodemus said...

I'd toooootally be doing that too if it hadn't just SNOWED last night! ugh!

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