Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Giggles and stuff

I’m updating the blog today – a trip to Disneyland, Brynlee’s birthday party, photos from March, maybe even rewinding all the way back to February with some Valentine’s Day photos. Because I shoot for the stars. And apparently enjoy living in the past.

{Its name is high hopes of a 2013 blog journal book, if you’re unfamiliar.}

But I actually don’t have much free time today. So what that really means is I will be posting a single blog post – if I get that far. I’ll upload a few photos from Disneyland, introduce the photos with a couple incomplete sentences and then publish the blog post under the title “Disneyland Deets” {for Kylee}. And then I will call it good ‘nuff.

Queen of good intentions, people.

But in the meantime I present to you this video. Because grandma needs to see it. Plus also, it’s of a baby giggling. And nothing in the whole entire universal world amounts to as much cuteness as baby giggles. Amen.

Oh and while I’m updating let me tell you about the time that Marlee went swimming in the bathtub – completely unassisted. Bathtubs are her love language and when she heard the bathwater in the other room she hightailed it in that direction. She was so quick. As in I turned around for two seconds to grab her some clothes out of the closet and when I turned back around the little bug was gone. She had crawled into the bathroom, scaled the bathtub wall, and dove - headfirst – into the water. Diaper and all.

Luckily Jace loudly reprimanded her, “little baby, you can’t get into the bathtub with your diaper on!” And the minute I heard Jace, I raced to her rescue.

Scary stuff though. Little stink.


Miranda said...

Yikes! How could she be so fast? That is crazy! Good thing little brother was there with the reprimand. :) Z is pretty good at telling C all the things he can't do "cuz you're just a baby."

Jaelynn said...

That little Marlee is a daredevil.. just like her brother and sister! So glad she is okay! And those giggles- they melt my heart. So sweet!

Jessica said...

To cute!l Luke clapped for her every time she laughed!

Jami said...

I am not for sure if I laughed more at Marlees giggle or yours ;)! HAHA!!! What a cutie, and Brynlee is so much older looking than the last time I saw her, and it wasnt that long ago! She is growing up! Also, Marlee....steer clear of the bathtub...they are dangerous :)!

trulymegs said...

Wow! She is quick and quite the daredevil. Glad she is ok though!

kylee said...

disneyland deets for kylee... YESSS!

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