Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thirty-one, baby.

Today I’m thirty-one.

I woke up to breakfast in bed. Waffles + strawberries, orange slices and a glass of apple juice.
And then we opened my birthday presents first thing. Still in pajamas, even. Per the kiddos request.
Spence surprised me with a new laptop. Perfect timing - my old laptop died on my birthday’s eve. May she rest in peace.
And the kids gifted me some pansies for the flower beds - can’t wait to get them in the dirt – and some treats: Caramellos, Almond Rocha and Hot Tamales. All my favorites.
And then we were off to church.
Spence snuck home early and packed our picnic basket.
A birthday picnic lunch + an afternoon at the park + birthday wishes from the people I love the most.
Breakfast in bed makes me happy.
Flowers for my flower beds make me happy.
Surprise picnics make me happy.
Birthdays make me happy.
Thirty one is off to a great start.


trulymegs said...

I hope this year is amazing for you! Happy Birthday!

Jami said...

WEll that is a cute picture of the fam! Glad you had a good day!!

ashley. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! glad you had such a wonderful day!

kylee said...

WHAT?! HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY!! sounds like your family took good care of you on your special day!

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