Friday, November 2, 2012

In October.

Why hello, November. I can’t believe you are already here.  

Our October was a whirlwind of crazy mixed in with our usual October happenings: leaf jumping, The Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze, painting pumpkins and, of course, all the Halloween festivities. We also found our way to a Chemistry Magic Show on campus and spent an evening tie-dyeing Halloween shirts.
Just like plain, old, unromantic Anne Shirley, I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
A week or so ago we attended our local Zoo Boo. Brynlee has been dreaming of winning the costume contest at the Zoo Boo since she discovered its existence two years ago. She was four, and her little competitive heart skipped a beat when she realized that you could win a prize for such a thing. Last year we were celebrating baby Chloe during the Zoo Boo weekend so we missed the festivities, but this year Brynlee attended the Zoo Boo with an agenda – she would win that costume contest.
Jace won!
She handled the loss fairly well, which made me so proud of her, but I could tell her little Rainbow Brite heart broke into about a million pieces. Honestly, she was jipped {says her completely unbiased, costume creating mother}. But seriously, the winners in her age category were nothing more than store bought princess costumes. However the judges of all the costume contest hoopla were a group of 18 year olds who were completely unaware of Rainbow Brite’s being.  To them Brynlee was just a smiling girl in some rainbow tights. Dang it.

Brynlee wasn’t completely defeated though and is already brainstorming her costume ideas for next year in hope of bringing home the Zoo Boo Costume Contest gold {errr…a bucket of average Halloween candy and a sonic gift certificate, same thing.}
Jace told us last year that he wanted to be Dr. Octopus for Halloween next year. We forgot. But, he didn’t. At the first mention of costumes he reminded us what he would be. Spencer and I {and a couple rolls of shiny duct tape} had so much fun making his costume dream become a reality. It was such a fun costume. 
Also noteworthy: Jace has informed us that next year he wants to be a butterfly! Heaven help us.

Happy month of Thanksgiving, my friends. I have so much to be thankful for and this November I am going to make sure that heaven is aware of my thankful heart. I am blessed, and so very thankful.


Jami said...

HAHA...I will be counting on a beautiful little butterfly next year Jace Buddy :)! And good luck Brynn...I am sure next year you will win it all!!

Jaelynn said...

Sadly.... I had to look up rainbow brite. don't judge! But after doing so, I have to agree that Brynlee definitely should have won! Awesome costume and even cuter girl!

Jaelynn said...

Oh and chlo was a pumpkin as well! I wish we could have had a picture of the two of them!

Jessica said...

Super cute! I have a beautiful butterfly costume Jace can use next year!

trulymegs said...

Love the faces in the last photo! Such cute kiddos!

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