Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post six hundred and fifty.

Somebody stole our garbage!

No kidding.

We had about a half dozen big black yard bags full of leaves sitting on the curb for garbage pick-up the other morning. I noticed somebody pull up in front of our house and expected a knock at our door. But nobody ever knocked. I looked out the window a little bit later and noticed that the car was still there, parked perpendicular to our driveway. Weird. So I watched out the window, looking just in time to see the leaf thief {as Spence and I have appropriately named her} stuff the last of our lawn bags into her little car, which was now full - floor to ceiling, passenger seat included - with big black garbage bags. She suspiciously looked around, wiped her hands on her pants, jumped in the driver’s seat and took off. WITH OUR GARBAGE! In the backseat OF HER CAR?!

Did you follow me there?

A lady in a little car pulled up to our house. Filled it floor to ceiling with our black garbage bags. Then rode off into the sunset.
What. In. The. Heck!
I think the idea that she was using it to compost seems to make the most sense {and grosses me out the very least} so we are going to go with that.
I really hope she was using it to compost since the bags were filled with two week old mulched leaves, wood chippings from cutting up a tree for fire wood, and deer poop that we cleaned up from our backyard. Lots and lots of deer poop. If not compost, I’m not sure what that recipe mixed together in a big black garbage bag would be good for.
Anyway, in other news:
  • On Election Day Brynlee said the prayer at dinner time. She thanked God that Spencer and I were able to vote. Made me smile.
  • Jace is Top Dog at preschool this week. So very, very exciting.
  • It’s our primary program this Sunday and the kids have both mastered their parts. I’m excited/nervous to see if Jace will say it in the microphone when the big day approaches. But either way, he melts my heart saying it all memorized and so grown up when we practice at home. I think it’s about four words long. J
  • Marlee is just as adorable, and lovable, as ever. I’m not exactly sure what it is that draws my lips to her little neck and checks, but I could kiss on her all the live long day. And I do.
  • Jace’s favorite part of waking up in the morning is seeing his baby sister. It’s the happiest/cutest sibling reunion every single morning.
  • We had corndogs + french fries for dinner last night. You know, the frozen kind. Because sometimes mom’s just need a break, that’s why. Spence and I had a good laugh reminiscing over another time that we had eaten frozen corn dogs for dinner. It was the day that we’d brought Jace home from the hospital. Since I had done all the work to get our new son here Spence so kindly volunteered to make something for dinner. Enter frozen corn dogs. My neighbor happened to show up to congratulate us on our new addition just about the time we were getting ready to dive into dinner. And, oh my gosh you guys, she was quite verbally disgusted that we would be eating such horrendous and dreadfully atrocious food.  What kind of low life people would eat such crap? Um, we would. Mainly because I’d spent the last few days busy doing stuff and hadn’t had time to prepare dinner. And that stuff is called HAVING A BABY, forcryingoutloud.
  • And speaking of having babies, congrats to my sweet friend Erin on a just arrived baby Sophia! I hear from facebookers, Erin, that she is beautiful. Can’t wait until her picture makes your blog.
And I think that’s about all for this late Thursday evening. This is my 650th blog post. Obama is still president. The weekend is almost here. And the weather report says snow.

The end.

Well except for a few hard at work fall pictures, just because.



Kerry said...

Wow this post had me laughing, are you serious? lol She stole your garbage?? Do you ever think about that garbage now hehe where it is, what it's being used for??
Do you think she knew it was leaves or was she looking for something more in those bags?? Some people are strange to say the least!
Great post, loved it!!
P.S. If you received an email from me inviting you to read my 'Private' blog, ignore it, I'm still Public (changed my mind lol)

Jaelynn said...

Haha! People are so weird. Well she must know a good trash bag full of leaves when she sees it! Congrats on the huge number of blog posts... that's seriously impressive! And as always, I miss those little kids! We need a get together ASAP!

Jami said...

This totally creeped me out....maybe she is the lady that has stole your identity TWICE and now that she has a garbabge bag full of leaves and "branches", she is for sure gonna know your maiden name and steal it again!!!! WEIRD!

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