Friday, November 16, 2012

Jace, da'Top Dog

Jace is still loving preschool, which makes this mom happy. Funny thing though, Miss Lori reports that the kid never says a word. Like, ever. She claims he can go the entire two hours of preschool without uttering a single sound. Ha! Oh well, I figure the less time he spends talking the more time he spends learning and observing {it’s the cup half full kind of approach, if you're unfamiliar}.

But don’t you worry - his little voice box isn’t going to shrivel up and die. It gets used. Honestly, I think he puts all the things he wanted to say during mute preschool hours into a brown paper bag, shakes it up for good measure, then unloads it all after he gets home. That kid, he can talk your ear right off if you’re not careful. Not literally, of course, but still. He talks. A lot. It’s just that most his words are spoken to those that he loves the most.

Anyway, for the last two weeks Jace got to be the Top Dog of his preschool! It’s a highly regarded and coveted honor. And Jace wore the title proudly.

Here are a few of the photos we posted on the Top Dog board:

And here’s what Jace’s classmates are saying about him:

Chelsie: I love him.
Jaxton: I love him.
Maleah: He’s kind.
Shep: He’s kind and we love each other. {ha, that one makes me laugh}
Kambri: He’s awesome.
Libby: He’s nice to me.
Olivia: He makes good choices and he’s kind.
Emma: I think he’s funny.
Luke: He’s so awesome.
Prestyn: He’s funny.
Ms. Lori: Jace, you are such a sweet and kind-hearted boy! Thank you for always being so helpful and a good listener at school. I think you are terrific!!

I love you my sweet boy.


trulymegs said...

Oh how cute! Love what the kids say about him.

Jaelynn said...

I agree with all of Jace's classmates.. I love him! What a handsome little dude!

And that last picture with Brynlee and Jace seriously melts my heart!

Jami said...

HA! Jace seems like he is well loved from his classmates, even though he never speaks :)! Good for you Jace Buddy for being Top Dog! We love you too!

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