Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whole lotta exciting

I tell you what people. Big things are happening right now at our house. Really big things!
I got all the laundry caught up today. And even made it to the grocery store to buy milk.
The kids had another cavity free dentist appointment.
Spence has taught Jace how to play Fruit Ninja on his phone.
And … wait for it … Brynlee was COUGAR OF THE WEEK at her school!

Hot dang.


Miranda said...

Well hot dang indeed! Congrats Brynlee!

I was playing Fruit Ninja on Nate's phone tonight. I find it infuriating.

Jami said...

HAHA...love the first picture of Brynlee...cracked me right up!

Jaelynn said...

Atta girl Brynlee!! Haha she's too funny!

Kerry said...

Brynlee is your mini-me!!
I love Snickers, just saying ;)

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