Monday, August 6, 2012

her day

::my family::
My kids are exhausted today. Ex.hau.sted! Uncle Jake watched Brynlee and Jace while I went to a doctor’s appointment this morning. Jace had a full on melt down when it was time to leave. Kicking, screaming, fit throwing. I asked Jake if they were okay while he watched them and he said they were great. I think he’s a dirty liar. They weren’t great. They couldn’t have been. At my house they’ve been nothing but fits and tears.

It’s been dreamy.
Truth be told I’m exhausted too. And if it didn’t take so much energy to throw myself on the floor and kick and scream and act half animal I would join in. But alas, I’m short on energy.
Yesterday was Marlee’s baby blessing. She looked beautiful and I couldn’t kiss her enough. At the end of a long day Spence and I collapsed on the couch and marveled at her perfection, the same way we did when Brynlee was that age, and Jace too. My little family makes me so happy. And although my heart swells with happiness, my mind has a hard time putting it into the right words. Joy, it’s hard to explain.
Yesterday our house was full. 47 guests in total.
Today I am trying to make sense of it all. I’ve washed three loads of tablecloths, four loads of dishes, cleaned the yard, vacuumed and cleaned everything upstairs and fixed some strange dug up dirt mess in my flower gardens {kids, I’m assuming}. I’ve yet to step foot in the toy room - it looks like a bomb went off in there. I’m thinking I will wait until tomorrow; I may need a good night’s sleep before tackling that level of disaster.
Good things about yesterday:
:: my beautiful baby marlee {i’ve yet to take pictures of marlee in her blessing dress, yesterday was just too crazy. but we will be playing dress up in the next day or two and i will post pictures then.}
:: getting out of the shower  in the morning and realizing that jace was already dressed in church clothes. he came running in to ask if he looked handsome. and he did!
:: me and marlee in an empty house before heading off to church. we snuggled in the quietness.
:: a beautiful pink blanket with matching tiny booties. made by rachel.
:: kali jo coming to marlee’s blessing. she’s a constant, i don’t think she’s missed one of my families big events. her friendship means so much to me.
:: a baby blessing given by spencer. he is my everything.
:: a ward family that loves and supports us.
:: my siblings, they don’t have to be asked to take charge and they know their way around my kitchen. i love them!
:: watching brynlee with her cousins. she had so much fun – playing with cousins that she only sees a couple times a year, even – that’s a big step for my shy girl.
:: alan and brad braving the heat and stacking all the tables and chairs just to be helpful.
:: grandpa keith climbing to the top of our maple tree.
:: my mom and dad dead asleep on the couch. with mouths wide open! {i have blackmail pictures mom, so you had better be on your best behavior}
:: texts from caring people to make sure i had survived the event.
:: surviving.

:: my girl with grandpa and grandma m::

::pa and his newest love, until january anyway::

:family//my side//minus one: jake::

::family//spence's side//minus 30, if I am counting correctly::

::because it made me laugh//love you three::


Jessica said...

Um Seriously why am I in front in that picture it should be my head not Jami's that is only showing up in the back!

Jami said...

I recall you saying Jessica, "I call front and center for the family photo" your the boss and you always get what you want ;)! HAHA! Thanks for the good time Kim! Little Marlee is so fun to snuggle!

Kimberlee said...

And while we are calling dibs on PhotoOp spots...I get dads next time.

Thanks for coming guys. See ya on Wednesday!

TraciFree said...

Kim - regrets from three of the missing 30. A trip to Idaho wasn't in the cards for us, but soon. Visit Kim and Spence is on our bucket list!
xoxo Matt & Traci

Kerry said...

Wow what a big beautiful family you have!! Such a great post full of memories of your little girl's special day :)
You need to go put your feet up (for a week lol)

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