Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's what fun is!

We just got home from a family trip to Lagoon. I think it’s safe to say that we all completely enjoyed ourselves. The weather was hot, the rides were fun, and the company was gratifying, as always.

Dad and Mom parked their camp trailer on site {so convenient} and the rest of us booked a hotel. Gone are the days where our little families can bunk together in shared hotel rooms – we have blossomed into quite the gang – twenty-two, and one more arriving in January.

We did Lagoon one day and bounced back the next day for an afternoon at Lagoon-a-Beach + more rides. We also found time for the hotel swimming pool, and spent our Friday back to school shopping. I had promised Brynlee a mom and me back to school shopping day just like last year, so to accommodate Spence took Jace to see the new Ice Age movie and Brynlee and I shopped for her school wardrobe {apparently neons are in again, bleh}. The boys joined us later and we shopped with Jace in mind {he will be a big four-year-old preschooler come September, holy moly}.

Let’s see, while at Lagoon:

Brynlee and her cousin Livvie took the big ride plunge and have now rode nearly every ride that Lagoon has to offer: Wicked, The Spider, Colossus, and the ancient White Roller Coaster included. That girl of mine, she’s a thrill seeker. After she found out she was tall enough {with only having to fudge a little} she rode every big roller coaster without hesitation. Early in the day we swapped out her low ponytail for an on-top-of-the-head bun and added a big hair bow for extra height. They measured her every time she rode, but thankfully her dad had taught her how to stand for measurement – neck stretched, head up, back stiff, and the tiniest bit of elevation in her toes. She passed as just tall enough all but twice – and those times she would watch for a shift change hoping for a less strict carnie next time around. The Wild Mouse was her all time favorite, the White Roller Coaster was her least and I think at final calculation she road Wicked seven times. The thought makes me dizzy.

Jace and cousin Zayne were Lagoon partners in crime; running from ride to ride with “Pa” as their personal usher. Me and baby Marlee, Jami, pregnant Katie and Grandma, were the other half of the boy’s entourage following them as they ride hopped and waving at them as they circled around and around. Jessica and Luke would join us too, but for the most part Luke wasn’t too hot on the rides – sitting safely in the stroller was more his style. The Bumper Cars were a fav for the boys and on Wednesday night I think we spent at least an hour riding them again, and again, and again. Well, until Jace suffered from an attack of extreme exhaustion and threw a bit of a fit because he couldn’t get his car unstuck. Oh, the amusement park drama. If you ask Jace what his favorite ride was he would say, “all of them, except the ladybug ride and the scary one {The Haunted Mansion} and when it was time to leave he begged to ride “one more awesome ride!”  Ten-ish rides later, we left. I love watching Jace and Zayne together, they are the best of buddies and the two of them make quite the pair.

Marlee was a Lagoon champ. I don’t think she fussed once during our three day trip, no kidding. We all took turns snuggling her and kissing her baby soft checks and the kids would run to the stroller between rides to see if she was sleeping or awake. Most the time she slept – rocked to sleep by the calming movement of her stroller. We would retreat to Grandpa’s camp trailer from time to time to let her have a car seat break: change her diaper, feed her and let her kick those little two-month-old feet.

My highlight of the trip was riding Wicked with my mom. Oh my holy heck, it was hilarious. I have the funniest mom, ever. Another funny mom minute was when she rode the pink pig on the merry-go-round. Even strapping herself in for extra safety. When the ride ended her pig stopped at the highest point possible. A point so high that it was near impossible for mom to maneuver her way off that dumb thing. We all had a good laugh at her expense.

I wished Alan, Jaelynn and Chloe could have joined us {high school football season is underway and Alan is busy coaching. Go Red Devils!}, but other than that it was a perfect little summer get-a-way.

Stay tuned for our trip to Lagoon in photos.


Jaelynn said...

I am so so glad you posted this!! I wish we could have bee there... but now I feel like we kind of were! So glad you all had so much fun!

Jami said...

We missed you Alan, Jaelynn and Chlo!! IT was fun, we had a great time...glad you were able to get your school shopping done Kim! Funny pictures, and just for some FYI I have my bag underneath my shirt so it didnt get wet...but it still did :) oh well!

Beth said...

I love how Brynlee was able to get on the rides. Now, how do I get my boys to put their very short hair on top of their heads to be able to ride the bigger rides?

Kimberlee said...

Funny Beth because just on Sunday I was noticing how much shorter Mattew was compared to the girls in his church class. Natalie and Kylie towered over him. :) But I think Benjamin wouldn't even need extra height to ride the big rides, I'm thinking he's tall enough.

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