Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Served with a side of rambling

photo credit goes to Miss Brynlee
I love how Jace says Marlee – sounds way more like Molly, with a long, drawn out “o” that makes more of an “aw” sound than an “o” sound. “Little Mawly,” he’ll say. Unless he says it three times in a row like he often does, then it sounds more like Marty. “Little Mawty, Mawty, Mawty,” he’ll say.

This morning he overheard Spencer and me talking about it. “Her names not Molly,” he corrected us, “it’s Mawly!”  I winked at Spencer – case and point.

However he pronounces her name that kid loves his little sister. Both of them actually. “Sissy” and “Little Mawly” are sure lucky to have him around too. He’s protective and defending, loving and giving, with a large dose of hilarious. The boy makes me so proud.

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Can you? And August 15th! Holy crap. Time - it flies. We registered Brynlee for 1st grade yesterday; it’s already that time of year {sigh}.  And while registering Brynlee we ran in to Miss Lori. Come September she will be teaching Jace preschool. I am having a hard time accepting the fact that Jace is old enough to go to preschool. Although he is actually six months older than Brynlee was when she first attended, he still seems too little. I’m trying to put on my big girl panties and not be nervous about the whole ordeal. I mean it’s not like I’m sending the boy off to college – he will be gone two hours a day, two days a week - but still, I’m anxious about it. Mainly because he has yet to successfully attend a church class {or anything, really} without Spencer or I by his side. I’m not sure he’s capable.

Brynlee, Marlee and their Great Grandma Marilyn - look at Marlee smiling at her
My Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a quick visit on Monday afternoon. It was their first time meeting “Mawly”. Grandpa cried when he held her. And he cried again when I showed him pictures of my cousin Kaleena’s new baby, Elliette. And he cried again when Jace and Brynlee gave him a hug goodbye. He’s turned into a bit of a softie. A far cry from his younger years, I’m afraid. He’s proud of us – all of us: his kids, their spouses, his grandkids and his grandkid’s kids. I know because he told me. We talked about turning 84 {him and Marlee share the same birthday}, and about how fast life goes. “It’s kind of like a big dream,” he told me. “I have a lot of regrets, but there are things to be proud of too.” His life wasn’t easy, and I am sure he does have regrets. But you know what, I am proud of him too.
Grandpa Jess and the kids
On Monday night we headed to Arctic Circle for some ice-cream. I think I am going to have to cross the Arctic Circle on Center Street off my list of places to go. It stinks like stale burnt oil. Marlee’s car seat still has a potent oil smell and I had to shower before I got into bed that night because my hair smelt like a chicken fryer. Gag!

I’ve been spending my free time after the kids are in bed turning my blog into books. 2008 and 2009 are completely done, ordered, and should be arriving in the mail in the next few days. 2010 is waiting for a few finishing touches; I’m hoping to get it ordered this evening. It makes me happy to finally get it done. It’s something I have been meaning to do for like ever. So yea!

I took picture on Sunday for my 12 on the 12th; I just haven’t gotten around to putting them in the grid. That was actually what I sat down to do while the kids played in the sprinklers, but I started rambling instead. And now their done and its lunch time, and they’ve asked to go to the movies today, and well, I’m just not getting to it. Maybe tomorrow.

P.S. You should watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory sometime today. It’s laugh out loud funny.

while I type


trulymegs said...

Im turning my blog into books too! Such a ling process.... Where are you making them? You will have to take photos of them when they arrive, I want to see them!

Jessica said...

Love the pics with g&g!

Jaelynn said...

So sweet. all of it!

Ps we would LOVE a visit. seriously LOVE. Just sayin!

Kerry said...

Little 'Mawley' looks just like her big sister and 'Mawmy' lol
She is adorable! I was trying to say her name the way I think you would say it, but my Aussie accent wouldn't allow it lol

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