Thursday, August 16, 2012

12 on the 12th [08.12.12]

01.   In route.  It’s off to church for us, and on time to boot.
02.   On the program. Spencer and I gave the opening and closing prayers in Sacrament meeting.
03.  My happy girl. We’ve got ourselves a full blown smiler!
04.  Handmade. My sister-in-law, Rachel, made this blanket for Marlee bug. It’s a new fav.
05.  Buddy. Nothing sweeter than a rowdy little boy clad in shirt and tie.
06.  Rock art. Marlee and I were up partying {ha} for most of Saturday night so I called dibs on a Sunday nap. It’s always fun to wake up from a nap and discover what Spence came up with for Sunday afternoon entertainment. Today it was rock painting. Brynlee crafted this one.
07.  Rock art, take two. And Jace’s was a bit more, um, black?
08. Splash o’pink. Marlee hung out in her brother’s room while I hung the kid’s new school clothes {in the very, very back of their closets so they wouldn’t be worn before it was time}. Jace thought Marlee looked so cute on his bean bag, and he told her over and over again.
09.  A dedication. I started working on putting together my blog books. Back in 2009 Spencer turned the first six months of my blog into a book for an anniversary gift. I pulled it out for a reference and smiled when I re-read his little love note on the first page of the book.
10.   Thristy. A big gulp of water for my flowers.
11.    On target. While I watered flowers it was Spence vs. Brynlee and Jace is a game of trampoline dodge ball.
12. Orange & Black. Due to the high amount of wild fires in our area + the lack of rain or wind to help clear things up the sky has been hazy with trapped smoke. The haze causes the reflection of the sun to paint the sky varying shades of orange during the day, and during the evening hours the sun appears blood red in color.


trulymegs said...

Love that smile on your little girl. And the picture of Jace makes me laugh! Cute dedication page, that is so nice of your hubby to start your book. Looks like a very fun filled day!

Jami said...

Look at little Mawley!!! So cute! I had to do a double take on the picture of the afgan Rachel made, it looks like rice krispy treats in the picture, haha, but maybe I was just wanting some! Rachel, you did a really great job, that blanket is gorgeous! Cute pictures Kim!

Kimberlee said...

That's funny Jami, on second look the blanket does look like Rice Krispy treats in that picture. Yum. And you are cracking me up with your outdated blog post comments. Sometimes I read old posts of mine and think "Wow, now that was lame!" but then again sometimes I read current posts of mine and think the same thing, but then I post them anyway. I'm obviously cool with being lame.

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