Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Forwarding with Hope

One week, one day ‘till school starts. (!!) I can’t believe it. What a whirlwind of a summer it has been. We’ve spent the last few days finishing summer off with a bang. A family reunion, houseguests, a trip to Jami’s grandpa’s massive garden {freezer corn, yes please} and so much more.

I will be posting pictures soon, but today my mind is elsewhere and my heart is heavy. Today my little sister and her husband got devastating news. News that has yet to be fully defined and news that is certain to forever change them. Please help us embrace them. If you would, please remember Kate and Jake and their sweet baby girl in your prayers. They need prayers. And since I know so many of you know and love Katie, please take a second to leave her some encouraging words {here}.  Right now amidst the shock, grief and unknown they need love.


sarah louise said...

Thinking of you as you worry about your sister and her sweet baby!

Debbie said...

Oh Kim - I just read her blog. Prayers are coming from NC.
Life is unfair.

Kerry said...

I just visited Kate's blog too xx

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