Friday, September 30, 2011

Of birthdays and stuff

Yesterday was Spence’s birthday.  Thirty-three.  Can I just say that he is the coolest thirty-three year old, ever.  We celebrated with doughnuts for breakfast {our tradition} and an insane amount of Little Caesar’s BBQ chicken wings - the birthday boy’s favorite.  We opted against cake and he blew out candles on a Chocolate Éclair instead.  It was such a fun day, just like a birthday should be.

The kids picked out their very own gifts for daddy this year.  Brynlee chose an ISU shirt and beanie.  Go Bengals.  I can honestly say that in all our years of being ISU students we have never owned any ISU paraphernalia.  But Brynlee thought it a good idea, so alas.  And while we were at it I picked up a shirt for both the kids.  They will sport them at the Homecoming Parade tomorrow morning.  Again, Go Bengals!

Jace gifted him a ridiculous amount of candy.  I think something like 4 bags of Halloween candy + a bag of peanut M&M’s + an Almond Snickers candy bar.  I called Spence shortly after we’d picked up the birthday gifts and Jace yelled to him, “Daddy, me got you lots of treats!”  He was so proud.  I think because he knows that daddy’s always share.   

I got him some sort of nerdy, computer-y something or another.  I have absolutely no clue what it actually is, or what it actually does, but he told me where to find it and that it would be a good birthday gift so I delivered.  And now I sit on the couch next to him while he does some sort of nerdy, computer-y something or another on his new nerdy, computer-y something or another.  I’ve suggested we go to bed about 32 times so far, but he is engrossed entirely in whatever it is he is doing – so I wait.  And fold the laundry.  And I don’t complain because he is willingly sharing a bag of his {birthday} Halloween candy with me.    

Earlier this evening when he got the bag of candy out of the cupboard he suggested that tomorrow during general conference we use his birthday candy to play "one of those drinkin’ games".  Say, huh?!  He continued . . . “you know - the drinking game - where every time a certain thing happens you have to take a shot.”  Yeah, I know those games.  “Well tomorrow we’re going to play that during general conference.  Here’s the rules - every time we hear the word pornography we have to eat a candy bar!”

Oh my heck.  He is absolutely hilarious – even at thirty-three.

Oh, and speaking of pornography.

The other day while Brynlee was at school, Jace and I met up with Spencer for lunch.  While driving into town we passed a big ole’ black truck that had one of those bumper stickers in its rear window.  You know the ones I’m talking about, right?  Silhouette of a nekkid lady.  This certain one was all pink.  I think it was silhouette of a nekkid lady meets breast cancer awareness, or something.  Anyway, Jace spots the bumper sticker then says to me “Mommy!  Look at that mama on that big black truck.”  Me:  Oh.  Ohhhhhh.  Oh, yup.  Then Jace answers, “It’s cute, huh?”

Oh ho.  Needless to say, our house will be tuning into general conference over the weekend.  We could all use a little spiritual enlightenment I’m afraid. 

Also on this weekend’s agenda:  Brynlee and I will be working on her ALL ABOUT ME poster, she’s the VIP in Kindergarten next week.  I’ll be turning a plain black pillow into a Batman pillow for Jace’s room.  Nothing fancy, just a little wonder under and some yellow fabric.  And we will be getting the kid’s Halloween costumes started.  Brynlee has decided that she wants to be a rainbow monster this year.  What in the world is that?!  We’ve been brainstorming some ideas though, and she seems to know exactly what she wants.  Oh, and I’ve got to type up the minutes from our PTA meeting.  Somehow I got suckered into being the PTA Secretary.  I know, right.  And I need to write Jace’s birthday letter. 

And then on Saturday night while Spencer is at the priesthood session, Brynlee, Jace and I will be rockin’ it at The Standards concert.  I love me some a cappella.  Especially The Standards, because they remind me of my middle school days almost as much as permed hair and Dr. Martins.  It should be fun.  I think I will sneak in a bag of the {birthday} Halloween candy just in case Jace gets bored and needs something to occupy him.

That is, unless the word pornography is used more than 179 times during the Saturday conference sessions and we’re all out of candy.


Kerry said...

Um, what is a conference session?
I am exhausted just reading your list but what a fine list it is!! You are a busy girl, and you find time to craft as well as type up minutes and fold laundry. Must be all that candy giving you an energetic sugar rush to keep you going!! Send some my way :)
(P.S. your daughter is a mini you!!)

Jessica said...

So how many times was phonography mentioned! I actually don't remember very many talks that mentioned it today!

Kimberlee said...

I think you're right Jessica. Notta once, either day as far as I remember.

And Kerry...I sent you an email. :)

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