Thursday, September 15, 2011

12 on the 12th [The September Chapter]

01.   Weighing in.  The kids had their well child check-ups.  The stats:  Brynlee / Age: 5½ / Weight: 41 {42 percentile} / Height 43” {32 percentile} :: Jace / Age: 3 / Weight: 32lbs. {53 percentile} / Height 37¼’ {43 percentile}
02.   Ouch.  A Spiderman band-aid automatically made shots cool.  No tears.  Atta kid.
03.    Arctic Circle.  Awarding good doctor appointment behavior with lunch out at their choice.  Kids meals and ice-cream.
04.    My Everythings.  When and how did my babies get so big?
05.   The Men’s Room.  Because sometimes when they have to go ‘really, really, really bad’ we break the rules.
06.    My Weekly Chore List.  Spent the afternoon cleaning house.  A freshly cleaned house is my fav.
07.    In the Rain.  It started to sprinkle rain.  Under Brynlee’s direction the kids and I ran outside and did a “rain dance” begging for more rain to come. 
08.    Downspout.  And came it did.  We had a downpour.  Brynlee was certain that our rain dance was solely responsible for it.
09.    In process.  The fabric I chose for a reupholster project that’s in the works. 
10.    Pandora.  The kids {in fresh, dry clothes} love to watch the album list when we listen to Pandora.  It’s “just like watching a tiny t.v.”  What’s playing?  Our favorite station: Laurie Berkner.  Thanks Mandy for sharing.
11.    Peaches.  Fruits of my canning labor.
12.    Stencil Monster.  I hadn’t prepared a craft for our Monday night Family Home Evening.  My craft loving five-year-old was not okay with that.  She ran to the toy room and grabbed paper and her crayon box and insisted that we all draw a picture to give to somebody else in the family.  Spencer created his art exclusively out of stencils.  Also, Jace was in charge of choosing the song.  We sang the Iron Man theme song – He’s a man on a mission. In armour of Hi-Tech ammunition. Trapped on the edge of an endless game. His teenage life will never be the same . . Thanks to their dad my kids know all the words. 


Jami said...

HaHa...With the right music in the background the "Iron man Song" MIGHT just be the next Primary Program Song. Read the lyrics it really kinda sounds like a missionary song! HAHA!!! Then again, maybe not! Happy September 12th to you (I know its a late celebration) one more thing, maybe you should send me your cleaning list....better yet...just come clean!

Nick and Karalynn said...

I'd like to see a copy of that cleaning list too...

Anonymous said...

I want your cleaning list too. Please.

And I sang the Ironman theme the right tune...while I read. One of the perks of being mom to a boy, I guess.


trulymegs said...

Such a fun day. Love the perspective of the shot picture. And I love your description for the photo of your kids. (Not that you would think otherwise!) And I agree with Brynlee, the rain dance definitely worked!

kylee said...

i once did an externship in a pediatrics office. worst part was giving the kiddos shots. the babies were even worse than that. i felt awful every single time. oh and turns out babies have super strong legs. as in i kylee ann couldn't quite hold them down with one hand which made the whole shot giving process even more horrible than it already was. i love the fact that jace chose that song to see. even more, i love that you actually sang it.

Kimberlee said...

@Jami, It totally is a missionary song. Too funny.

@Karalynn, Angie & Jami, Consider my cleaning list your cleaning list. I'll email it your way.

@Megan, It worked indeed. Yesterday she had a group of neighbor kids helping her do the rain dance in hopes of another huge rainstorm. :)

@Kylee, I can't watch when my kids/babies get shots. I hide my face and close my eyes until its over. But I don't do shots well myself. Worst part of pregnancy is the blood work. {{shudder}}

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