Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The post that made me nervous!

I called my little sister this afternoon.

"Does my blog annoy you?" I asked before she even had a chance to say hello.
"What, NO!" she said followed by an uncomfortable giggle.

"No, seriously Jami. Be completely, 100% honest. Does it annoy you?"
{short pause}

"No, why? I mean…no it doesn't annoy me." She stated, slightly annoyed by all the questioning. "Your blog, it's so you. And you don't annoy me, so why would your blog annoy me?"
"Are you sure," I awkwardly questioned again.

"Yes I'm sure. Why are you asking me this…"

So I told her the story. The entire story.  And then we talked about blogging. Why we blog. What we get {and don't get} about blogging. Who we blog for. How it's dying, but how we still enjoy it. We talked about if we should quit blogging. If I should quit blogging. She reassured me that I shouldn't. "Why should you?" she said. "Plus", she continued, "you can't quit blogging". "Why," I asked. And she truthfully answered, "Because it makes dad happy!"

And she's right…I can't quit blogging. Not right now anyways. Because this is how I journal.  This is how I write down the little things that I want to remember. The funny things. The things that make me cry. The things that, someday, my kids will read and wonder how they survived. This is how I scrapbook. It's my way around cutting cute little flowers out of plaid scrapbook paper and embellishing them with pink brads and tiny eyelets. This is my life. Our life. Our perfectly, INPERFECT life. Unedited!

So I'll continue to blog, but not before I say a few things…

Um, for starters. I don't blog for real!  I don't pretend to blog for real! I'm not a blogger. I'm not good'nuff and I'm not scared to admit it. I don't know how to properly, use, a, comma. And sometimes I write there instead of their. However, their (sorry, I couldn't help myself) are lots of for real bloggers out there that write amazingly. They have great things to say and beautiful pictures to look at. They teach you how to cook good food and make adorable crafts. I'm only beginning to discover that there's blogs out there that I can't live without. If you're looking for a "real blogger" let me suggest my talented friend, Miranda. She's fantastic. And look how cute her shoes are. {Oh, and I stole the term of "real blogger" from her by the way.}

If I blogged for real, I would put more thought into my posts. I would read people's blogs that I didn't know. And comment on them. In hopes that they too would read my blog and leave me a comment. I would put my little bloggy out there in the big bad bloggy world. With a prayer that somebody, somewhere, might enjoy it.

If I blogged for real, I would make sure things were spelt right and grammatically correct before I pushed publish.

If I blogged for real, I wouldn't be offended if you thought my blog was annoying. Because chances would be fairly high that I didn't know you; in real life, per say. And therefore, that opinion of yours wouldn't REALLY matter.

But here's the thing: I DON'T BLOG FOR REAL.

I blog for me. For my kids. For my family. My dad. I blog for my sisters and sister-in-laws. For old friends that I haven't seen in awhile and new friends that are barely getting to know me. I blog for you. I blog to keep in touch. And to remember the good ole' days. I blog to give myself challenges. To take a picture a day or to laugh about something that would otherwise be frustrating. I blog to feel creative. I blog because I think its fun and because I'm addicted. I blog for adult conversation. I blog because I've NEVER consistently kept a journal. But, since February of 2008 I've managed to do just that. I blog because I have 5 siblings and 11 siblings-in-laws…that's a whole lot of people to keep in touch with. I blog because it's my escape from the dishes or an excuse for Spencer to put the kids in bed while I unwind in front of the computer. I blog because I love to read your blog. To get to know cousins that I never really knew before. To keep up on your life. To read about what events fill your days and how it compares to my days.

Maybe someday I'll blog for real. And maybe I won't. Who knows.

But right now I blog for me and for my family and friends. 
And because of those reasons your opinion DOES matter to me. And because I know my readers and I love my readers I'm fairly sensitive to their opinion. And because I'm sensitive I started writing this post and then deleted it because I didn't feel right about publishing it. And then I wrote it again. And I'm sure I'll still feel sick to my stomach when I push publish. And I'm sure I'll lie in bed regretting that I published it. However, let me tell you something.

If my blog annoys you, I have an easy peasy solution. DON'T READ IT. Period.

Simple enough.  Wouldn't you agree?

But, if you're still interested in reading…I'll still be here writing.  For me, for you and for my dad!


Jenni said...

I don't think you're annoying and I like the way you write. Very entertaining. I'm not a real blogger either. I just blog for the fam and friends but mostly for me. It's the most success I have ever had with any form of journaling.

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

FYI I LOVE your blog. I blog for ALL the same reasons and I have had people CORRECT things on my blog in a comment (how rude) like using the wrong to, too, two. I feel like since you started your blog I have gotten to know you better and it is worth reading. Besides all that how would I ever get a chance to see your beautiful children from all the way over here. I understand were your post is coming from, but be assured your not annoying and I am SO grateful for your blog and I wont stop reading, so keep posting.

mammabug said...

I enjoy your blog. You have a house of 4 crazy kids, who wouldn't get some entertainment. I keep thinking about blogging better, but right now having access to a computer gets complicated. Maybe in the near future.

Jessica said...

If you didn't blog . . . how would I know when someone hurt your feelings, or when you let your kids jump on the furniture or when would be kids get to see pictures of their cousins! (PS Who said you were annoying?)

tracifree said...

Thanks for blogging Kim. This sisters-in-laws'es appreciate it.

sarah louise said...

I am with Jessica...who said you were annoying?

I went through withdrawals while you were on vacation. I love your blog and how you write and your cute little family.

I was just thinking these same things lately. I have thought of stopping blogging my boring little life. But decided I do it for all the reasons you said and it is important to keep in touch with my massive family and to journal.

Jami said...

Kim- I am glad to see that you stood up for yourself! I think you have yourself a fan club with an unknown low-self esteem, self concious heckler!!! Just smile and enjoy it:)!!!! P.S. I can leave this comment because after all I do believe in free speech and GOD BLESS the
"ANONYMOUS E-Mailer".....Love ya Kim!

MattandChandra said...

What the Heck? I am so confused(as usual!) I love your blog!In fact I always think I wish I could blog like Kim. Like you, I blog mainly for my daughter because I want her to be able to look back at what filled our days,Boring as it may be. I think I get the award for the worst punctuation! Hands Down!

Please don't stop blogging for those of us like me that love to hear about your family and wouldn't get to otherwise!!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I love your blog! Don't change a thing!

Miranda said...

I've been sitting here staring at this comment box trying to figure out what to say. Hmmm...maybe I should just write you an email instead. Those words you wrote about me...that will have me smiling for weeks. Your BLOG...that will have me smiling for years.

sarah louise said...

Dear Kim,

Your little family is as perfect as can be.
Some families can be perfect.
Perfect in love.
Perfect in understanding.
Perfect in trying really hard to make each other happy.
Perfect in being there for each other.
Perfection doesn't come easy. You work really hard at making your family your priority and making sure they are happy.
We could all try to be more like you.
Love our families more.
Laugh more.
Care more.
Thanks for being a wonderful example of a "perfect" family!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog...it has your voice. That's what I like about Mandy's blog, as well. I can hear her voice. And that's what I want...to connect with my pals!

Lindsey Lou said...

I agree with you. I blog for me, my friends, and my family. In fact if someone I didn't know was reading my blog everyday, it might make me wonder about them a little? I love those people who do blog about great cooking, crafting, ideas, etc., but I love your blog because I am old friend who doesn't get to see you and it keeps me caught up. I facebook very minimally to not be "out of the loop", but I love blogging more because you can make it cute and personal. Keep up the good work. I love to hear about your "imperfect" life (he he, I couldn't resist).

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