Monday, March 15, 2010

News of the marrying sort

Do you want to hear a joke?
How do you catch a Polar Bear?
{give up?}

Okay, so what you do is you cut a hole in the ice.
Then you put peas all around it.
And when the bear comes to take a kick him in the ice-hole!


Dad told us the Polar Bear joke at the start of a family trip to Canada. It immediately became my then 11 year old brother, Alan's, favorite joke. Like favorite joke EVER! As in, Alan's life was perpetually changed by the Polar Bear joke. Every other sentence out of that kid's mouth for the remainder of the week long trip went something like this, "Do you want to hear a joke" immediately followed by, "Okay, so what you do is you cut a hole in the ice…" It was only slightly annoying. So slightly annoying that as a last attempt in a fatiguing battle to get Alan to SHUT-UP, my mom rolled up the book of road maps and wacked him over the head. Without missing a beat, an unfazed Alan responded, "Hey mom, do you want to hear a joke!"


And in other breaking news:

: : : T H E   J O K E   T E L L E R S   G E T T I N G   M A R R I E D : : :

Congrats Alan and Jaelynn. Love you guys!
And in case you're interested in getting them a wedding gift; may I suggest a road atlas…or a hard-back dictionary!

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for all your kind comments, phone calls and emails about this post. I love you guys. You all gave me the perfect bloggy pick-me-up! Did I mention that I like really like you guys?! Because I do.

P.S.S.  And it was brought to my attention that I forgot to mention my mom in my who I blog for line-up. Hi mom, I love you!  I can't believe I forgot to mention you....because I mainly blog just for you! 


Jami said...

HAHAHAHAHAH.....Once again CONGRATS Alan and Jaelynn...and this picture is REALLY cute!

mammabug said...

Are you sure he's old enough to date? That's awesome. Tell them congrats for me.

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