Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catching Leprechauns

This, my dear lads and lasses, is a Leprechaun.

No! Not a real Leprechaun. A decoy. Used by a {not so} Irish, freckle-faced three-year-old to lure in the real Leprechauns.

Plan A as outlined by the three-year-old: Use the counterfeit Leprechaun to bait REAL LIVE Leprechauns who, when seeing fake Leprechaun, will come running to say Hi and extend loving Leprechaun hugs! In which the hidden {not so} Irish, freckle-faced three-year-old will have the opportunity to see a REAL LIVE LEPRECHAUN. And then steal the leprechauns gold!

Plan A-Attempt 1: In mom & dad's room.

Plan A- Attempt 2: In the toy room

Plan A-Attempt 3: Under the table in toy room

No sight of the Leprechaun, or his gold. Plan A abandoned.

Plan B as outlined by the three-year-old: Make a trail of Lucky Charms (only the marshmallows, because seriously…who eats the other part) from the back door to the dining room. There the three-year-old will be loitering in wait to sneak peak of the REAL LIVE LEPRECHAUNS. And then steal their gold!

Sat in wait for a looooong ten minutes. No sign of the leprechauns. Plan B foiled.

Plan C as outlined by the three-year-old: Use a green cupcake, strategically placed on the kitchen floor, as a lure for those sneaky leprechauns. Cupcake was eaten by little person, but still no sign of the leprechauns. Dang that little {green cupcake eating} brother!

Plan C dumped.

Plan D as outlined by the three-year-old: Color a glass of milk green with the last little bit of the green food coloring that mom didn't use celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Wait for Leprechauns appearance, because really who can refuse green milk. Not Leprechauns.

Or can they?

No sign of the green milk drinking leprechauns. Plan D and the day-old dream of seeing a REAL LIVE LEPRECHAUN destroyed.  At least until next year.
Happy St. Patrick's Day, my friends.
Hope you saw a REAL LIVE Leprechaun today.
Or at least got your hands on his gold.


Jessica said...

Maddie had a "real" Leprechaun visit her classroom! And. . . totally "destroyed" it . . . He even bit her teacher! But they didn't get to see him either!

sarah louise said...

How cute is that?

Brynn had a "real" Leprechaun visit her classroom too and it left candy everywhere. Then she tried to trap one at our house with duct tape. No luck. Maybe her and Brynlee should get together and come up with a fool proof plan for next year.

Beth said...

You guys are way too creative, but I love it.

On a side note, the numbers are 1.8 pounds and 1.5 inches. The pounds weren't as high as I wanted, but you know...sometimes you just feel a little bloated!!!!
I guess we'll keep at it for another week at least.

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