Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Trip: In a series of short letters, part 1

Dear Mr. Trump,
We recently spent the week at your Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. We enjoyed our stay and will return to your hotel if ever in the area. I just have one complaint/inquiry. Your kitchenettes are outfitted with appliances by Wolf, Bosch, and Sub-Zero. Your bathrooms include in-mirror, plasma televisions. Every table in your lobby is dotted with beautiful, fresh flowers. And glitz and glitter, everywhere. But you can't afford a decent mattress for the poor sap that has to sleep on the sofa pull-out? Obviously you've never had to sleep on a pull-out. Maybe you should try it. And then maybe you should consider adding the cost of some memory foams to your next business proposal.

Written in behalf of my little sisters aching back,
Mrs. Kimberlee Last Name

P.S. You're fired!

 Katie & Brynlee at the Trump Hotel

Dear Taxi Driver #2(ish)-
Thanks for saving us two dollars and eighty cents in cab fare by not stopping at a single red light or stop sign from the Trump Hotel to MGM Grand. Your efficiency is appreciated. I think.


Us in taxi. Spence's face says it all.
Dear Taxi Driver #6(ish)-
Ummm…you came to a complete stop…at a green light…in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip!  Are you kidding me?

Have you ever met Taxi Driver #2(ish)? You two should hang out.

A passenger,
Dear Taxi Driver #10(ish)-
I so glad that you feel so at home in Las Vegas. I'm glad that the Vegas nightlife fits your "bachelor style". I'm glad you're enjoying your big bad SINGLE self.  That being said, I don't really need to hear about your lofty goal to become every girl that visits Las Vegas's "mistake"!

And neither do my children.

Praying for you, and your life in Sin City,

Dear Mirage Hotel-
The Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Las Vegas. My three-year-old daughter loved it. She's still talking about it. She was sure that Bella, the baby dolphin, wanted to be her best friend. I don't have the heart to tell her that Bella is, in fact, a baby dolphin. And therefore, doesn't really pick best friends. But I'm sure if dolphins did pick best friends, Brynlee would be Bella's.

We had a great time,
Brynlee Admiring

Brynlee's BFF, Bella


Dear Phantom of the Opera,
You took my breath away. Well done, well done!

Katie & I prior to our "Phantom of the Opera" outing

Dear Rainforest Café-
My sister thinks your monkey's funny.



Dear guy that played the piano with balls at V-The Ultimate Variety Show,

Dear guy that played the piano with BOUNCY BALLS at V-The Ultimate Variety Show,

(edited just for you Kate)

Umm…How do you come up with this sort of thing?

An inquiring mind,

P.S. Will you tell the chic with the hula-hoops that one's body should NOT move like that? It made me a little a lot queasy.

Waiting to get into V-The Ultimate Variety Show


Dear Bellhops at Trump Towers-
Thanks for always getting the door for us. And for hailing taxis. And for wearing white gloves with your black suits. Because it makes me laugh. {not sure why} Also, thanks for not losing your cool when my children would run up and down the lobby floors.

In addition, thanks for privately escorting us to Circus Circus in the back of a black Cadillac Escalade when we requested a taxi.  You made us feel all refined, cultured and snooty. If only for a minute. And really, that was long enough.


P.S. My little sister has a bit of a crush on the Cadillac Escalade driver. Can you send me his email address? Better yet, a copy of his current driver's license.
Dear Circus Circus-
You're a bit dated, and really {REALLY} dirty! Not gonna lie…you made me turn into a Circus Circus germaphobe. But as a positive, Brynlee loved your adventuredome. And Jace was a huge fan of the Circus Acts.
And then I went home and put them in the bath.

A bit disgusted,
Brynlee on ride at Circus Circus Adventuredome

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