Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Weekend-The Number Edition

  • Observed sixty-eight meticulously decorated Christmas trees at the “Festival of Trees”.
  • Including one tree mounted after first being turned one hundred and eighty degrees.
  • Witness two eyes grow bright when visiting with the Festival’s talking tree.
  • Heard my little girl mention three different times that the talking tree was her favorite part of the night.
  • Saw the same two eyes fill with terror while sitting on Santa’s lap for a max of six point eight seconds. And after the short one-sided visit she raced back to dad’s arms in a record three seconds.
  • Smiled with two other bright smiles while watching two trains make their way around the tracks.
  • Drove nine miles to see an extreme Christmas house decorated with thousands and thousands of twinkling lights.
  • Used Felt that I used eight boxes of Kleenexes.
  • Watched Spence hang the last four strands of Christmas lights along the roof-line.
  • Took seven up-close pictures of my Christmas decorations in which I will post because my number one goal is to completely bore you.
  • Chuckled at Brynlee’s six pretend guests at her make-believe Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Took a picture of my two kids with the twenty member cast of the “Enchanted Christmas Tales” play.
  • Smiled while one life-size toy solider took our family of four's picture on the play’s set.
  • Witnessed one beautiful sunset that looked just like fire.
  • Perfectly balanced Jace in his walker using two blankets.
  • Heard Brynlee respond to Jace in the walker by saying, “You look so cute in there, buddy!” six different times.
  • Received our first two Christmas cards for this season.
  • Snuggled up by the fire and watched two movies with Spencer after the kids had gone to bed.
  • Listened to Jewel’s “Joy-A Holiday Collection” CD twelve times in it’s entirety before Spence downloaded fifty-six more Christmas songs for our listening enjoyment (and for his sanity).
  • Enjoyed Sunday dinner and played games with two friends and their two kids.
  • DVR’ed one Christmas Devotional to watch tonight. (And by the way…I can’t wait! The Christmas Devotional is one of my favorite Christmas time events.)
  • Mentioned that I love this time of year more times than I can count!!
Seriously, I LOVE IT!


Kali Jo said...

Boy you are so ready for Christmas and I just got up the tree and decided that is all i need to do this year. Forget the presents and stocking and fa-la-la-laing I just don't have the energy. Maybe you should come to my house and do my decorating!! Oh by the way, the vinyl turned out really well. I like the family one. Plus I noticed that you really are using the clock I made you. (or did you just take the picture and then move it? :) ha ha) Any how, your house looks so good and festive. good for you!!

Lacy said...

You have been busy - Fun busy. Every inch of your house is so cute and festive! I love Brynlee's thanksgiving attire. What smell is in your scentsy? Reading your blog brought it to my attention that I missed the Christmas Devotional! boo! and I was doing so well yesterday too. choir practice, tithing settlement, and then we missed the devotional! fooey

Jessica said...

That was a ton of numbers! Who did you inherit you creativity from? I think you got all the creativity genes!

sarah louise said...

You are weird! (This is what people tell me when I tell them I don't like Christmas, so I thought I would turn the tables).

Kimberlee said...

Lacy- Vanilla Walnut! Yum. Just got a ton of new Christmas smells. I really liked the food smells this time around (apple pie, cinnamon and stuff). The first time I ordered I was pregnant and the food ones made me gag! Really.

And how observant you are noticing my Scenty burner. You crack me up!

Kimberlee said...

I lied! I just looked back at the picture to see where you saw my Scenty warmer and realized I had Cinnamon Bear burning when I took that picture. But, right now I have Vanilla Walnut. So see it was only a half-lie.

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