Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Family

Earlier tonight Brynlee and Spencer spent a good fifteen minutes laughing hysterically in the kitchen. Spencer was standing on Brynlee’s stool and would jump up and hit his head on the ceiling. With that Brynlee would laugh uncontrollably and insist that Spencer do it again. And of course, he would. Which would only cause Brynlee to laugh harder and louder. Then Spencer made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now don’t let that statement fool you, this is a rare occasion. Spencer is NOT a cook. Which is one of the reasons we work well together; I enjoy cooking, he enjoys eating. Every now and again when I refuse his gracious offer to make him homemade cookies he will pull out a box of brownies or cookie mix and make some semi-homemade ones himself. Tonight was one of those nights. When he got the cookies from the oven he stated that the cookies smelt just like butter. And then in a very engineer like way pretended to calculate the butter to cookie ratio. He concluded that there had to be more than a “pat” of butter in each individual cookie. I laughed out load when he next sat down at the table with a plate of cookies and said, “Gosh, these cookies have oatmeal in them…it’s just like eating health food!” In the meantime, Jace was sitting on my lap quite contently sucking on his right hand. The entire top of his snowman pajamas were soaking wet from the excess slobber. He would pull his chubby little hand out of his month long enough to cue or giggle at everything that was going on around him. That little guy can laugh, and has a contagious smile. I love it.
 Brynlee got this adorable little hand-me-down baby crib for Christmas. My sister-in-law had purchased it for her little girl a few years previously, but due to the fact that there are boys that live in their house (that like to stand in their sisters baby crib) they needed something a little heavier duty. We were hoping that the cute little crib would last at least until Jace was big enough to stand in his sister’s crib and break the bottom out. Well, today Brynlee stood in the crib and the bottom fell out. Spencer was busy eating his plate of, um, healthy butter-loaded cookies so told Brynlee she had to wait a bit before he fixed it. Brynlee immediately said, “Me’s got a idea” and ran to get her little tool kit from her toy box. She spent the next five minutes trying unsuccessfully to hammer, file and screw the crib back together.And the moral of the story (or rather a random sampling of short stories) is that I love families! I especially love my family. They make me so happy.


Stacey Crandall said...

Kim, I am trying to add a link in one of my posts. I have pushed the link button and put in the link from the top bar on the page I want to add.... but it does not show up on my blog.... what am I doing wrong?? Stacey

sarah louise said...

So who are you going to pass the crib onto now that Brynlee has discovered you can stand in it? Funny!

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