Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doctor, doctor! Give me the news.

Did you know you can buy Dr. Mario for the Wii? Well, you can! And it is super awesome. Super awesome, my friends! Best ten bucks I’ve spent this Christmas season. Brett, Sarah and the kids came down today, and I totally stomped Sarah playing Dr. Mario. Beat her 27 times in a row!! Or at least six. Same diff!* We also went sledding, ate tacos and started one tutu on fire (Brynlee and the tutu are fine…the fireplace kinda stinks). I would post some pictures from the day, but although Sarah isn’t very good at Dr. Mario** she can take a mean picture. So I won’t be posting pictures until she sends me a few. Speaking of pictures here are some that she took of Brynlee a couple weeks ago.

Anyways, Dr. Mario is calling.

* I will not be mentioning if or how many times she beat me.
** She actually might be better than me, but a little trash talkin’ never hurt nobody.


Janita said...

Great pics of Brynlee!

Woolf Family said...

I play a mean dr mario There has been very few how can beat me your going down

sarah louise said...

Bring it on my friend! I have been practicing! And I am holding pictures for ransom until you admit how much more awesome I am then you!

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