Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Candy Shoppe - A post about her birthday

On a snowy day, the twenty second of March, Brynlee turned seven years old!
 We started the day out right: birthday doughnuts.
 And then, later that day, we kidnapped the birthday girl for lunch. She chose McDonalds.
 Last year the birthday girl requested that we bring lunch of her choice too school. Shudder. And then gag! I was pregnant at the time and eating lunch with a bunch of kindergarteners was, well … not cool, people, not one bit cool! This year we wised up and took the birthday girl out to lunch – a much less disgusting birthday experience, indeed.
But we did take cupcakes to her classmates.
And then we turned our house into birthday party central.
Brynlee wanted a “candy birthday party” this year.
 It was “sweet”. {Ha. Get it. See what I did just there. I’m a witty one.}
And, we had so much fun.
 I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Brynlee’s favorite part of a birthday party in the preparation.
 She brainstorms ideas.
 Helps me decorate.
Makes shopping lists.
 Color coordinates.
Hangs streamers.
Overrides all my awesome ideas.
And comes up with ideas that are way cooler than mine.
She’s a little party planner. That girl.
We could honestly just plan a birthday party for her birthday and never ever even have the party and she would be perfectly fulfilled. In fact, maybe we will do that next year.
But since we’d gone through so much trouble to prep for a birthday party we went ahead and held one.
 We made candy necklaces.

And attempted Gummy Bear Bowling and played Don’t Eat Pete.
And had a Gumball Relay Race.

 And a Pixie Stick Drop.
 And then we filled goody bags with candy
…and sugar.
…and sugar coated candy
…and candy coated sugar.
And then I sent the guest’s home with a full disclosures about how the party hosts were in no way responsible and could not be held liable for any sort of dental bills or sugar induced crazies. So help me.
And then I immediately hid Brynlee and Jace’s goody bags and any birthday party candy remnants in the deepest, darkest, highest cabinet.
Except the cinnamon bears. I ate those.
And Brynlee claimed the entire day a perfect seven year old birthday success.
Also important: Jace turns five this year. Five is the year that we have deemed old enough to have a friend involved birthday party bash. You know, if the birthday kid so desires. I can’t wait to see what the birthday boy will so desire. But I sort of think it’s safe to say that unless decorating for the party means using a foam sword and a Thor hammer to destroy everything in sight the chances are fairly high that party planning won’t really be his cup of tea. But who knows.


Jaelynn said...

When Chloe gets old enough for a birthday party, I'm totally hiring Brynlee as our party planner...

kylee said...

i love that kids always choose mcdonalds at that age.

mammabug said...

You do such a good job. I've felt so mind boggled this year. I'm just hoping my cake turns out and people come.

Jami said...

I am sure Brynlee had a blast! I love seeing your pictures of perfectly decorated parties, but I never show Brooke...because there is no way no how I could ever pull anything off like that! :)

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