Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Introducing: Summergram 2013, a collection of photos posted all throughout summer 2013.

Okay, ready...


no. 5.24
||a last day of school photo||

no. 5.25
||happening in the toy room||
no. 5.26|1
||sweet angel maycie||

no. 5.26|2
||a rainbow, sent from maycie||
no 5.26|3


no 5.26|4
||weenie roast||

no. 5.28
||it rained today||


Jami said...

This will be fun to see! I can't believe how big our family is getting! There is a bunch of us! That picture of Mar with her licorice is CUTE~!

Jessica said...

I agree our family is getting big! I love the first one of Jace and Brynlee!

trulymegs said...

Do you have instagram!?

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