Sunday, January 27, 2013

December's Album

The neighbor boy told his mom that he dreamt about Marlee the other night. He’s three.  His mom asked him over the breakfast table what he dreamt about the night before. He shrugged his shoulders and answered “Oh, just Marlee!” His mom tells me it’s his response per usual. Every morning over breakfast she asks him what he dreamt about and nearly every morning he shrugs his shoulders with the same answer “Oh, just Marlee!” Cute little thing.

Speaking of my baby girl, she says Mama like a rockstar. Every time she says it Jace hollers to me, “Mooooom, Marlee needs to tell you something. Probably that she loves you.” Makes me smile.

Anyway, December in a single blog post:

In December we:
::Went to the Festival of Trees.
::Brynlee and I went to our second Princess Tea Party.
::Visited Santa at the movie theater for Spencer’s work Christmas party.
::Watched our cousin Brynn sing a solo for a Christmas Production at the Mall.
::Went to the Jump Zone with The Francis Family.
::Decorated gingerbread cookies, our gingerbread house and loads and loads of sugar cookies.
::Took swimming lessons.
::Marlee and I spent a few days at University of Utah/Primary Children’s with Jake, Kate and sweet baby Maycie.
::Welcome beautiful baby Maycie to earth, if only but a short time.
::Realized that Maycie’s parents are truly amazing. And felt so lucky to have gotten to take part in Maycie’s short life.
::Watched a production of The Miracle on 34th Street with my bff, Kali Jo.
::Shoveled, sled and played in the snow.
::Decorated cookies for Santa + sprinkled the lawn with reindeer food for his helpers.
::Had a Christmas Eve Birthday dinner for Jesus. Complete with candles, the birthday song and sparkling cider.
::Celebrated Christmas.
::Went to Jessica’s for Christmas Day dinner.
::Got snowed in for a few days: went swimming at Granpda B’s, played starburst poker, watched numerous performances by our cute kids, and enjoyed our time together.

…and that was December.

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Kerry said...

Hi Kimberlee, thanks for sharing your December with us. Your Christmas looked fun and the pictures told the story well. I was very sorry to read that your sister and her husband said goodbye to their sweet and precious baby girl shortly after birth, there are no words to convey my sorrow...xoxo

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