Friday, January 25, 2013

12 on the 12th [11.12.12]

01.   Veterans Day. A flag in the snow.
02.   Storytime. Jace tells the story. Marlee listens. And on occasion, eats the books.
03.  Doctors appointment. Honestly, November 12th was so long ago I can’t remember who the appointment was for or what it was regarding. But nonetheless, the picture exists. So on November 12th somebody in our household went to the doctor.
04. Naptime. A swaddled babe.
05.  100%. On a spelling test.
06. The Superman. For the longest time this was Marlee’s favorite move. We nicknamed it the Superman. Now that she’s crawling she’s doesn’t do it near as much, but it will always be one of my favorites.
07.  Snow. Plus Jace Buddy.
08. Snow. Plus Brynlee.
09. Teamwork. My favorite part of this picture is Jace’s sword tucked into the back of his coat, He-Man style.
10.   Teamwork, take two. Homework.
11.    Relaxing. Webkinz, I’m guessing?
12.   The Highchair Game. It’s a game that Spence started playing with Brynlee when she first became an eater. Then it was Jace’s turn. And now Spence and Marlee play. Goes like this: Spencer sticks his finger underneath the highchair tray and pops out the removable stopper. It flies. The highchair bound baby giggles and giggles. Spence picks it up and puts it back in. And the game starts over again.


Kate said...

Love that little burrito baby!

trulymegs said...

Love these!

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