Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 on the 12th [The October Chapter]

01.  October.  My front steps decorated with Halloween.
02.  Pumpkins.  Painted jack-o-lantern faces at library reading hour.
03.  Fabric.  Stopped by the fabric store for a few Halloween costume must haves.  
04.  Chauffer.  Me and my possy in route of getting our Wednesday errands done.
05.  Mask.  Spent no less than an hour in the Halloween store.  My kids would have stayed there all day if I would have allowed for it.
06.  Gymnast.  Brynlee got a special prize {a blue popsicle} at gymnastics for mastering her back bend.  She no longer needs a spotter.
07.  Kim.  Found my name scribbled on a chalkboard in the viewing room at gymnastics. 
08.  Young Women.  Wednesday’s equal mutual.  Today’s activity: The Corn Maze.
09.  Corn.  There was a fun little crime scene investigation at the Corn Maze.  Beth and I solved the crime fairly quickly.  Our challenge: getting out of the dang maze.  We walked in circles in search of the exit way longer than we did trying to solve the crime.  There was a full moon, we were sweating hot from trying to solve the crime quickly, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and we forgot our cell phones in the car so we couldn’t even call 9-1-1!
10.  Zoom.  My first attempt of a picture of Beth & I.  An accidental close-up.  The best part of my Young Women’s calling is the women I serve with.  They are so rad!  Every single one of them.   
11.  Pumpkins.  Pumpkin stand at the corn maze.  It was the perfect place for some hot chocolate, apple cider and doughnuts.
12.  Front Door.  Spiders on my wreath.  Happy October.

12 on the 12th inspired by her.


The Dayleys said...

I absolutely love your wreath! Pumpkins are always a favorite too!

Jessica said...

Yeah Brynn can't wait to see the backbend!

Natalie said...

Looks like a fantastic October so far!

kylee said...

now that was an october 12 on the 12th. after doing mine i had wished it contained more halloween related things. corn maze for yw?! what a fun activity! gotta love the accidental zoom pics. they get me every single time.

Kerry said...

The maze sounds fun!! Nice pics and I love your decorations :)
(except the mask, yuck! lol)

trulymegs said...

Love your post! I really like your chauffeur picture!

amy gretchen said...

the corn maze is always a fun activity with kids. love the Halloween decor.

Kali Jo said...

i had to laugh at the 9-1-1 call then i clicked the link and and laighed even harder. That poor woman, scared then humiliated on the news.

Kimberlee said...

I know right, Kali Jo. Poor lady. But seriously...who calls 9-1-1 because they are lost in a corn maze?

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