Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Album: The party was at my house.

A few weeks ago Mandy’s husband, Nate, contacted me about hosting a 30th Birthday party for Miranda.  On Saturday we toasted Mandy’s 30th year in my backyard with hot chocolate, homemade doughnuts, caramel apples and a candle-lit game of trivia.  Here’s my photo album from the night:

Me + Miranda + Jen + Kali Jo
Old 717 Roomies
Jaime, so sad you left before we got a picture together.  :(
:: The kids had their very first {parent free} sleepover at Kate & Jake’s while we hosted the party.  They had a ball and have asked almost daily when they get to do it again.
:: Kali Jo and I will always and forever be BFF’s.  Always and forever.  And forever.  Amen.  Thanks Kali for helping me haul tables and chairs around and for helping me set up.  You da'best.
:: My husband’s rad.
:: In case you’re wondering. . . a party that takes an entire day to set up for can be completely dismantled and put away 22 minutes after the last guest leaves.  Again, my husband is rad!
:: Someday, when Brynlee grows up, the two of us are going to open a party planning business together.  She is my perfect little partner in crime.

And also, we are sick at my house.  And majorly cranky.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow runs smoother than today.

Oh and one more thing, yesterday Brynlee called me a hot babe{hot dang}! And earlier this week Jace stood on the kitchen counter swinging a fly swatter like a sword and announcing to anybody that would listen that he was the quote, unquote King of Awesome.  Oh how I adore those little monkeys.  Even when I’ve had it up to here with all the crankiness.  And believe me, today I had had it up to here.


The Staley Family said...

Uh...will you throw my 30 birthday party?!That looked so amazing. Your backyard looks like it is in full summer swing. WOW!I'm pretty sure you should start a party planning business do an incredible job!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! It's beautiful Kim.


Katie said...

I am in love with your back yard! So pretty! The party looks like it was a ton of fun.

Hope everyone is feeling better today!

Candace said...

You're backyard is beautiful! It looks like ya'll had quite the party!

Hope everyone starts feeling better! :)

Jami said...

Looks like your hard work paid off! You have some pretty amazing talent!!! How come I didnt get any of it?~?~ Just curious!

Leenie said...

Oh wow, look at you! The decorations are uh.may.zing. You are an awesome friend! Hoping you guys get better before the weekend!

Miranda said...

I'm so glad you posted these, who knows when I will get around to it!

Kim, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful, beautiful, amazing party. You truly thought of everything and nothing could have made the night better. Thank you so much. I'm really glad we're friends.

Debbie said...

Gorgeous party! And yes, it is much easier taking a party down and putting it together. lol
I love the "look" - so warm and inviting.

Kamilla said...

I love it! I would hire you if you started a business. You accept payment in smooches and cookies, right? But don't worry, I'm not turning 30, for a long, long, long, long time...Please let this year slow down!

The Jones Family said...


Kali Jo said...

Can I just say that your photography taking talent is waaaay above mine. I am sure Mandy didn't get pictures that great since I was the one holdong her camera all night! And also... I am all emotional now. You are my best friend ever** (** = exception only to my Husband) It is so nice to be appreciated!! I thrive on praise! you made my day!! love you!

Kerry said...

Your decorations look fantastic!! What a great looking backyard party for your special friend :)
Love it, from the hole punched #30 tins to the glass jars and your flower bed with pumpkins is gorgeous!!

Jen said...

I am like freakishly tall!!! Oh, and great party by the way!

Jaime said...

So fun to see everyone and go to my first real, kid-free, grown-up party. Did not disappoint--we had a wonderful time. :) Everything was super-great--food, decor, entertainment, company, you name it.

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